The Ink Well Prompt #52 - The Guest who showed up

Alexander Popov

It was another Fresher's Night at Poleman University, Australia. I have just gotten admission to study Public Administration. All thanks to Cinda who accompanied me in registering and making sure all necessary requirements were done before class would commence.

Pokemon University has always been my dream school as I kept pestering my parent to allow me register there. At first, they thought I wouldn't be able to stay alone because all my life, I have always been indoor and they wouldn't allow me go out. Such act turned me into an introvert and I grew up not to socialize but to be glued with my phone, watching videos on YouTube.

Most of the social etiquettes I learnt online and I was able to develop myself especially in the aspect of communicating with people and also how to eat in public when I eventually go out. I have a favorite singer on YouTube and I have always enjoyed his music and his personality.

There was a day I dreamt of him holding my hands while walking me into a big restaurant in Argentina. The dream was disrupted by my mom when she woke me up screaming my name from the kitchen. I felt sad an unhappy all through the day because I wasn't able to finish the dream.

My favorite singer is Bruno Mars and I have loved his songs especially his style when he holds the microphone on the stage.

The Fresher's Night will hold in three weeks time in one of the big halls. The party was organized to welcome all fresh students who are just gaining admission into the University and to be introduced by other stallites in the campus.

I got an hostel where I had arranged all my books and clothes I brought with me. That same night, an announcement was made through a megaphone outside the hostel and all students were silent, wanting to listen to what would be said.

"Good evening to all students, both old and new in the campus. We welcome you all back to school and we hope this time around, we would comport ourselves and portray the good conduct of the University which our motto is "forever, we would be great."

The voice continued after pausing for a while.....

"This is to inform all new students about the party that would be organized for them and it's called 'Fresher's Night'. This would be coming up in two weeks time and I wish us the best. Remember we are representing the good ambassadors of the school and we wouldn't want any problem on that day. Have the best night everyone."

I asked a student pairing the room with me about the party. She was excited to gist me and even told me of the Artist that would be coming.

When she said the name of the artist, I felt surprised and happy too because Bruno Mars is the guest artist coming to play for us. I kept anticipating the day as I would want to see him in reality.

The day finally came and I saw Bruno came to perform on stage. I came early to the hall and I was able to see him from where I was sitting in the front. I felt a butterfly in my stomach when he stretched his hand for an handshake. It was the best night party for me because my dream came to pass.

Thanks for reading

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