The Ink Well Prompt #50: LITTLE ANITA

Photo by: Caroline Hernandez

Anita has never enjoyed fatherly care since she was born. Her father ran away after he heard his girlfriend got pregnant. He shirked from responsibilities and was not ready to become a father. He left the burden on Michelle alone to cater for herself and the baby.

Anita grew up to be a loving child. Even though Michelle tried her best sending her to a primary school, she was almost getting tired and wanted to stop her education for a while, pending the time she would gather some money to continue her secondary education. Her Uncle raised some money for her to start a small business and to help herself.

That was what she has been feeding on with her daughter. Michelle's parent died in a motor accident and that alone turned her world upside down, leaving her Uncle to help cater for her. She managed to finish her University education but getting a Job was in vain for her. Peter (Michelle's boyfriend) was helping her then and just a little play got them into such situation and he wasn't prepared to become a father, so he ran away.

Anita was admitted into Junior Secondary School and her first day at school was a hell one for her. Her colleagues in class were starting to tag her with different names especially seeing her worn out clothes with a pair of old sandals gotten from Michelle's friend. She didn't want to bother her Uncle who has tried enough for her. The bread business she was into wasn't bringing enough profit for her. They only manage the money for food alone. In fact, it was after a month in Anita's school that she was able to get some textbooks for her.

The school announced on going on an adventure to the zoo on the assembly one day. Apart from the fee they are paying, all students were told to get new clothes and shoes for the day to look the best. Anita got home with the news. This made her mom got worried and started gathering money, at least to pay for the fee, they can get other things later.

"Are you sure you have new clothes to wear Anita?" Said a girl who has always embarassed her in front of everyone in school.

"I don't think your mom would afford buying new clothes and shoes for you. You should just forget about going, and don't even pay" She continued insulting her.

Anita bowed her head down and was crying with those words being said to her. Her interest in going for the adventure changed, which made her got home and told her mom not to worry paying again. Her mom asked why? She explained everything that happened to her in school.

"Don't worry, my daughter. You will definitely go with them by God's grace"

"Mum, with new clothes?" She asked just to be sure her mom remembered the requirements.

"Yes, I will get them for you."

Michelle quickly got up and told her daughter she was coming as she need to get somewhere.

She quickly dashed to the house of Mrs Andrew who collects contribution money and at the end of the month, everyone gets their money. She explained why she needed the money urgently and Mrs Andrew understood her and brought the money to her.

She went to the market to get a shoe and clothes for her daughter. When she got home, Anita was shocked to see new shoe and clothes. Suddenly her mood changed and she started getting ready and anxious for the adventure as she shouted "I would be visiting different animals"

She hugged her mom and prayed for her.

These are prompt words shoes, mood and adventure by the #Inkwell's weekly challenge post.

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