The Ink Well Prompt #49: MADE FOR EACH OTHER

Angela sat down in the garden in her parent's house, trying to remember how it happened two years ago when she finally recovered from the ailment that befell her after the incidence. She couldn't believe her eyes that such could happen to her but it all dawned on her that life has to move on.

Two Years ago
Angela was rounding up her Masters degree in the United State of America when she met Jade. Jade was from a rich family and his parent sent him abroad for a business to represent his father. Angela on the other hand went through a scholarship suggested by her Aunt (mother's sister).
After few months of going out, they decided to spend their moments in an hotel just to have fun and talk more about themselves. Jade promised not to touch her till she was ready.
Getting to the hotel, everything was set and looking attractive and it was around 11pm, the light shone into the room from outside, and they realized it was the light from the moon.

Photo by: Alexis Antonio

Angela requested they both should go outside to have the fresh and natural air and to feel the light from the moon. Jade took his short and shirt while Angela put on a short lingerie revealing her smooth laps. As Jade was stylishly staring at her while they walk through the corridor, his smile attracted Angela and she also smiled with him holding both hands together. Their love had grew stronger that no one would ever come in between them.

They both sat down on a wooden bench looking up to the sky looking at the moon blossoming on its own.

Photo by: Khamkeo Vilaysing

"Make a wish" Jade told her.
Staring at the moon as it shines brightly revealing everywhere and seeing themselves clearly. She turned to Jade and said;
"I wish for both of us to live longer and enjoy the best moment as couple forever"

They both looked up and made a statement together promising themselves that as long as the moonlight comes out, they will always love themselves, no matter what happens. After spending some more time outside, they went inside and just when they were about to close their eyes, Jade gave her a warm kiss on her lips and it soothes her. It was the best memory for her that night.

It was time for Jade to return to Nigeria as he had completed the meeting and it was getting to the end of Angela's programme. He promised to wait for her till she returns back which they both agreed upon.

Getting to Nigeria, Jade's parent already prepared a wife for their son and to his amazement, the only way to receive their blessings was for him to get married to the lady they gave him. He refused bluntly, cried all day and night but nothing could be done. He didn't want to open up to Angela so as not to distract her attention from studies. They both were still communicating normally and everything seems to be going fine.

After a year, Angela returned back to Nigeria and decided to check up on Jade at his parent's home. It was there the shock came to her. The parent explained to her that Jade is now married and travelled out of the country.

Hearing this, she fell down and was rushed to the hospital. Her parent were contacted immediately. She spent months in the hospital as she was recovering from the shock and when they were sure of her health, she was discharged.

Angela was in the sitting room with her parent when she remembered it was exactly two years Jade left her and looking outside, the light from the moon reminded her of the promise and wish they made that day. She went outside trying to remember everything and she bursted into tears.

She was alone in the garden. Her parent came out to meet her and they started patting and relieving her from what happened. They assured her everything was going to be fine. She went inside with her parent, straight to her room, she slept off.

Early the next morning, she picked up her calls and saw a message, she was shocked to see Jade's message that pops up which says;
"Angela, can we meet? I am now in Nigeria. I want us to talk, it's important please."*

She couldn't wait anymore. She dashed into the bathroom, took her bath and dressed up. She only told her parent she had something urgently to attend to which made them curious but allowed her so as not to make her sad.

On getting to the address Jade gave her, she was surprised to see him and without a ring on his finger and looking so sad and pitiful. He explained everything to her and how he got her number back from the phone his parent seized from him. How the wife dealt with him and didn't enjoy the marriage.

Angela cried while both of them hugged each other.

She found her heartrob again and they both waited for the moonlight to renew their wishes and promises again.

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