The Ink Well Prompt #48: Twisted Fate- Inheritance

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"What did you just say Auntie mi?" Aunty mi in Yoruba means "My Aunt". Trying to grasp what she just heard as she shockingly dropped the broom on the floor. She couldn't still believe her ears when she heard those words from her Aunt.

"I said you have a daughter with me," said her Aunt who looked into Abeke's eyes with a shaking voice as she was already getting near her grave.

A few years back.......
Abeke started her life in a small village with her parent who trained and groomed her in becoming the best maiden in the town of Omugo. The town is known for its resources and how favoured the king on the throne was. No one has ever spoken badly of the king as everyone enjoyed his reign.

In a small hut which Abeke's father built for them as a farmer and most times, a hunter. He made sure things were going fine with them as he always provided everything for them, not until he went to the farm one day and was fired at by some unknown men and he died immediately. Till today, no one knew what happened. This incident made her mother sick and Abeke was seen taking care of her mother and would run every day to the farm so she doesn't leave her alone for the fear that the worse might happen.

One day, as usual, she went to the farm to get something for her mother when she was ambushed and got raped by Akinola, the cruel and notorious youth who goes about taking every ladies' dignity. Abeke cried all day and night because she wasn't the virgin lady anymore. She has lost her virginity. Her mother, on her sickbed, tried to question her silence and depressed mood every time but all she ever muttered out of her mouth was "Mama, nothing is wrong with me".

Day after day, months after months, the sickness got worse and due to lack of money to take her mother to the healthcare centre provided for the villagers, she gave up the ghost leaving Abeke alone to decide her fate. Three weeks after her mother's death, she discovered she was pregnant.

She got a letter from her Aunt in the city to come and live with her to start her life over there. Below the letter was the address to her Aunt's place with some money supposedly her transport fare.

She refused to go as she feared her Aunt might not accept her if she found out she is pregnant and with that, she stayed back in the village for a while. The pregnancy was growing and when she saw there's no one to help her, she called her Aunt one day and explained things to her. She told her not to worry that she is going to take care of her.

On her way to the city, she and other passengers had an accident, she was the only one who survived but was taken to the hospital. They checked her bag and found a number which they called. Immediately, her Aunt came, panting like a lion ready to pounce on anyone she sees at the hospital.

"Where is Abeke?" "What happened to her?" She kept shouting

"Are you the young lady's relative who was rushed in an hour ago?"

"Yes, Doctor, what happened?" Her voice stuttering.

Don't worry ma, we have been waiting for you also. The problem now is that she is due for labour and has gotten a brain problem too which she won't be able to remember what happened but thank God, she managed to give birth to a baby girl.
The Doctor continued.....

We would have to take the child away from her because seeing the baby now, might affect her the more until she recovers very well.

"Can I see her Doctor?"

Of course, you can but do not disturb her too much. She may not even remember you.

When she got into the ward where Abeke was, tears dropped from her face and she went back.

She took the child and went away. Abeke remained in the hospital for many months and when she recovered well, her aunt took her to a friend's place to stay.

This was how Abeke started living her life without remembering anything but her Aunt was taking care of her daughter while she would come to check Abeke, but she couldn't remember her Aunt. This would make her keep crying all day and would pray for Abeke.

After five years, Abeke's Aunt developed a chronic illness and she was sure of dying soon and she needed to open up in one way to her sibling before death takes her away. "At least Abeke needs to know she has a daughter" she calmly said on the bed.

One day, she called her friend and explained things to her which the friend agreed she should open up and she fixed a day to come around.

Abeke was sweeping the compound when her Aunt went to meet her, praising her and with tears in her eyes, she opened up that she was her Aunt and continued explaining things to her. When she showed her a picture of her parent, she started remembering things little by little and eventually remembered she was pregnant and how she had an accident on her way coming to her Aunt's place.

"Abeke, you have a daughter with me"

What did you just say Auntie mi?

"You had an accident but fortunately it was your labour period and you gave birth but you developed a problem that made you forget everything. The doctor warned me not to reveal anything to you at that moment including your child until you are very okay. Since then, I have been taking care of your daughter and I brought you here."

So, where is my child now?

"She is at home. You can come home now and meet her."

That evening, they both went home and immediately she recognized it was her child because of the mark on her neck which she also had when she was born. She hugged her daughter and said, "It means I have an Inheritance" with tears in her eyes, she knelt and thanked her Aunt for the love she had for her.

Having lost all with the impending death of her aunt, she has something to hold on to, eventually.
|The End|

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