NOT A FADED LOVE || The Ink Well Prompt #59

Image by Jonas from unsplash

I would say this was the best decision I made ten years ago when I finally said yes to your Dad. I wouldn't have thought he would end up getting married to me after the whole saga that sufficed between him and my parents. I was all in tears all my life as I thought the decision I made was making me slip off life but I kept on pushing even though it was hard, but where there is true love, your heart will always be there.

This was how it started….

I was a young girl who was dedicated and determined in her studies and all teachers including the principal had interest in me because they all believed in me when it comes to representing my school in debate and dictation competition with other schools. I became the best student who got the eyes of every other student as they would keep coming to hang around me during break to help them solve their problems in their academics.

My parents never doubted my ability and so they supported me and made sure I graduated with the best grade. I finished high school and immediately got admission into the best state university. I became more hardworking and studious as my dream was to become a great software engineer. I knew and understood everything I was taught in school and I never stopped making my parents and everyone around me happy and proud of my achievement.

Two years later, I met Simon who was in his final year then. I went to a coffee shop alone even though my friends wanted to go with me, but I love being alone most times and the coffee shop not too far from the school was my spot. I love sitting at a corner where the air would flow in through the window as quietly, I would be lost in thoughts and audacious ideas would keep emerging, that's sure an amazing way to get ideas flowing for you, especially at a secluded corner where no one would disturb your peace and tranquility.

I had ordered two cups of coffee and as I wanted to order for one more before finally heading home, I saw his hand stretched forward to where I was sitting.

Hi, I am Simon, a final year student. Can I sit?

I glanced at him as soon as he tapped my shoulder as I was lost in my imagination.

I gave him the permission to sit while we talked at length. I couldn't go home again as I was already getting more interested as he kept talking. His voice melted my heart as I wanted him to keep talking until he asked

What about you? Can I know you? I already know you are a student as I have always seen you around the campus. In fact I trailed you down here as I already observed you coming here most of the time. I guess it's your favorite spot right?

I nodded with a smile as it revealed my glaring dimples. I noticed he was lost too as I continued talking while he was staring at my lips and face.

We ordered more coffee and after a while, we went our ways hoping to meet at the same place the next day.

I and Simon became glued to each other as the days went by. We often meet and talk under the banana tree not too far from my department before going home. Many times, he would accompany me to my hostel while I cooked and we both ate together. After a few months, he asked to see my parents, which I agreed to and decided on a particular day.

Before then, Simon had taken me out to different places, most of them were beaches or cinemas where we would spend a long time watching a new movie and appreciating nature at the beach.

I introduced Simon to my parents but the look on their faces made me understand they weren't in support of me with such a decision to get married to him.

Simon came from a poor home which I think was the reason my parents were against our union but I never allowed that to stop me from loving him even though I could see his love for me was genuine. Despite his poor background, he never stopped dazzling me with his ways of showering me gifts and surprises, that most times, I would ask where he got the money from? “I will do anything for you, my Angel”, he would growl.

After much persuasion, they finally agreed but left me to my decision while I started a new life with Simon.

The first two years were tough for both of us. I couldn't contact my parents for help because I know they wouldn't answer me but we kept pushing and never allowed the circumstances to decide for us. Where I thought love would fade, instead it blossoms each year as we kept renewing our oath each year and that alone makes our love grow and blossom.

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