Inkwell Prompt #59 | Drunken Saving Grace

Just like the song,
"Sometimes love comes around
When it knocks you down
You just get back up"

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Well, I was gradually healing from a heart break and it's been almost 6 months. A happy day turned sour as my bride disappeared on our wedding day.
No sign,
No calls,
No messages,
Only to find out she had ditched me to be with another man.
I lived as a shadow of myself, resorted to drinking, avoid friends and overworked myself excessively.
Last night, I had returned from my drinking spree where I walked along the beach, it was lonely and cold, until I heard this beautiful voice singing while playing the guitar. She sang so beautifully, I could feel my emotions resurfacing, love maybe but whatever it was was definitely blossoming. Surprisingly I felt a powerful magnetic force slowly dragging me towards the direction of the voice. I couldn't resist or fight it, rather I just followed this force. As I got closer, I became calm but developed goosebumps. I wanted to see the face behind the voice, I wanted to sit with her maybe I wanted her.
I stretched out my hands and tapped her, your voice is beautiful, I said.
Thankyou, she replied so sweetly.
Can I sit, I asked
You can't see my face, she replied
It's ok to be shy, I replied, I'm harmless tho, so I'm insisting.

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She reached out to pull her scarf, and the clouds changed, a great breeze blew over and I suddenly felt cold.
I warned you, she said as she turned around
A creepy weird woman with a face that housed live maggots, with holes and patches and mucus bleeding from beneath her right eye.
Nooooooooooooo, I screamed
With one sided smile she kept walking towards me with me drifting backwards, with outstretched arms, "come to me she said"
Noooooo, I kept screaming

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Suddenly darkness surfaced the entire area blinding me but she glowed dimly, there came this creature in white who immediately took me up leaving her behind screaming from defeat. It's face was too bright to be looked at but I felt the peace and warmth it offered.

Excuse me sir, we're about to lock up....
I was called out by the new waiter who had earlier attended to me.
I was quite pissed to be woken up, I never got to see the face of my glowing saving grace. Picking up my suitcase, I stumbled off to get a cab, hoping to return to my dream from my bed.

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