The pandemic, the apocalypse and the bike thief

When news of the pandemic and the indefinite lockdown first got out, everyone had thought it was just going to be something that would last for maybe a week and then life would be back to normal but after the first month and still they weren’t any signs of change, people were beginning to have different thoughts.

Mike was one of those people who the pandemic was dealing with the most. He had always been an outgoing person so sitting and doing nothing wasn’t for him and that was why Mike had decided to pick up a late night hobby instead.

After trying to keep himself busy during the day by watching television or repairing his perfectly working scooter out of boredom, he would wait for midnight before riding out on his scooter and steal from unsuspecting victims. He needed to feel his adrenaline rush and stealing did the job.

Mike remembered one time he had stolen a purse from a lady who was dressed as a nurse. It had been one of his most easiest steal. Mike had rode his scooter close to the unsuspecting lady and had immediately snatched it when he got close enough. The lady had screamed but it was midnight and there was a pandemic, no one heard her, or so he thought. He had been really excited and was riding towards home when a guy jumped over him from no where, sending both of them and his scooter crashing to the floor. Mike had fought but when he realized that beating the guy was almost an impossible task, he had gotten on his scooter and fled.

“Well that was two years ago.” Mike said to himself as he placed some food in the duffel bag he had with him. The government had tried to hide what was really happening from them. They had called it a virus, the covid-19 virus they said, but six months after the first lockdown was announced, the people realized that it had been something worse, a zombie apocalypse.

A state of emergency had been declared after the infected freed themselves from a lab where they were been kept by government officials. A year and half later and life on earth was almost going extinct. The zombies had killed almost everyone and the few ones left were been asked to get on a canoe on the river and paddle their way to the Nagasought Pier where a bigger boat would be waiting for them. The zombies may be able to swim but they can’t paddle a canoe, so that was the only way the people waiting at Nagasought Pier could ensure that anyone coming wasn’t already infected.

Mike looked at his scooter. “You’re ready?” He asked as if expecting an answer in return from the scooter. “It’s going to be one hell of a ride.” He said as he got on his scooter and drove off.


After reading @agmoore @bOs @yuki-nee stories, I felt I could take ideas from their stories and make one beautiful story, hope y’all love it.


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