Hello people of the hive I hope you are well, I had time without making a publication or be active, for lack of time, I got a temporary job that absorbs me much of it. And that led me to go through the problem of not having the ability to capture my inspiration, but today I want to share the following content that I hope you like.

Ducking to avoid a right hook to the face, throwing a low punch to the ribs, face to face the reaction is to dodge
and throw a punch dodge and throw, again and again, tooth to tooth eye to eye, punch after punch. The crowd
cheering and betting on their favorite fighter the hustle and bustle torments me but I have to do whatever it takes to win, this ring is unlike any other
it's not like any other, the floor is concrete with no ropes to delimit the space where the fight takes place.

The prize is not in money but in a momentary peace, after a while of having started I can't breathe well, I don't understand how to be like this.
I do not understand how being like this is exciting for the fighters, for me it is suffocating, I can not breathe well and not to mention the impacts that managed to reach my body.

Even with so much pain, with all my strength I clenched my right hand and threw that punch, the adrenaline didn't let me feel if I hit or not, my vision was blurred, sweat blurred my sight, I only listened to the reaction of the spectators, most of them were betting that I would lose, as I could I wiped my eyes as I could, the first thing I saw was that guy of 1.80 meters tall at ground level. I won.

I won 7 days of peace, let me live that much more time of peace in these walls that contain hell, if they imprison me,
the deal was win and we leave you alone, lose and you have to pay your dues. I have been here only a month detained, beaten, prosecuted,
They tried to abuse me the first day I defended myself and since then they targeted me to avoid everything, the deal was win.
Fight and win, put on a good show for the prisoners and the guards, that determined my peace was new, they didn't expect me to win.
I much less of course, it was all a lucky punch right in the jaw.

so i spent six more months inside those walls giving shows of blows and kicks, preferring to receive blows rather than stabs and attacks that would end my life in dreadful ways.
it's another life to be in there, with such violent beings. but blow after blow gave me peace in that enclosed hell.


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