The Ink Well Prompt #57: The park rule.


Marisela, Miguel and Luis, are happy because their parents had brought them a beautiful dog named Isis. Two years ago, their first pet had died, a little poddle dog that had been raised with Marisela, since she came to the house when she was one year old.

Isis is a wolf mix dog and at six months old she is already of considerable size. She has one brown and one blue eye with which she observes everything around her. Her coat is white and brown and her tail is very furry like that of a fox. She is very affectionate and jumps to the children, who play with her with delight.

Marisela is the older sister, she is 15 years old. Her brother Miguel is 12 years old and Luis is 9 years old. They respect Marisela very much and follow her in all of her adventures, she is the leader.

On Saturday they decide to take Isis for a walk to the park near their house. Her parents give her permission because it is a safe place, there is surveillance and it is fenced.

―Marisela, you have to be careful, you have to watch out for your siblings and Isis, ―her mother tells her and they, turning to your children, ―have to listen to your sister. Take them to buy ice cream, ―she tells them as she hands them the money.

The four of them leave very happy and walk to the park. This is a very nice place with green areas, lots of trees, there are also soccer, basketball and softball fields. It has walking paths where people run, exercise areas, playgrounds for children and picnic areas distributed throughout the park.

As the kids walk through the entrance gate with Isis on a leash, they suddenly hear a voice saying

―Dogs are not allowed in this park!

Marisela turns around surprised and says in a defiant tone. ―And why can't we enter with the dog?

―Read the sing in front of you, says the park ranger.

A very large sign contains all the rules of the park in red letters.

  • It is forbidden to throw garbage on the ground, use the garbage cans that are arranged throughout the park.
  • To use the picnic áreas you must pay at the administration office.
  • It is forbidden to make bonfires.
  • Pets are not allowed in the park.
  • It is forbidden to take plants out of the park.
  • It is forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages into the park."

But Marisela and her siblings do not want to accept this rule, because they consider it unfair and start arguing with the park ranger.

―We had a little dog that we always brought to this park and at no time were we banned from entering, ―says Marisela.

―Maybe, but now the rules have changed, ―the woman replies, already in a bad mood.

―But you can't make an exception, I see that there are some dogs in there, ―says Miguel in support of his sister.

―Those dogs don't have owners and I don't know where they come in, because they didn't pass through here,― said the park ranger.

―Uhmm sure you are afraid of them! and let them in and don't take them out, ―says Luis.

―Well, you are wasting my time with this discussion, your dog will not enter, because that is the rule, so get out of here, ―replies the guard, now definitely annoyed.

Marisela, who doesn't like to lose an argument, leaving the park tells her.―You know that dogs and other animals have as much right to be in the park as people. I am going to complain about what is happening in this park and I am sure that many people who love dogs and cats will support me. You will see.

While they are walking, Luis tells them, ―And now what do we do, where can we go, the other parks are too far away and mom won't give us permission.

―I don't know, let me think about it.

They walk along one side of the park and Marisela discovers that there is an opening in the fence and imagines that this is where the dogs are entering. ―Come on brothers, look at this, the fence is broken, we can get in through there.

―You think it's a good idea? ―Miguel says a little doubtful.

―Of course it is, we stay away from the entrance gate, from that grumpy park ranger, she won't see us, she won't move from there.

And determined, she enters through the broken fence followed by her brothers and Isis. When they enter, they run with Isis holding the leash, they don't want to let her go for fear that she will run towards the entrance. They play in the park. They are having a lot of fun and Isis is happy.

―Hahaha look at your tongue Isis, it looks like a tie! ―says Luis.

―Miguel give her some water, she seems to be very thirsty, his sister orders him. ―I'm going to go buy the ice cream, you guys stay here with Isis. Don't move!


On her way back to the place where she left her siblings, Marisela is paralyzed when she sees Isis running past, her siblings behind her and the park ranger further behind.

―Catch those children! ―she shouts almost at the edge of her strength, to some guards who are on the road.

Without a second thought Marisela runs with the ice cream melting in her hands and catches up with her brothers.

―We can't catch Isis, her leash is loose. ―Miguel shouts at her.

―Run, we have to catch her. Isis! Isis! ―Marisela shouts with authority.

The dog stops, but the guards catch up her. While this is happening, some people who were in the park come closer to find out what happened. The guard finally arrives panting and grabs Marisela by the arm and she throws the ice cream on top of her, which drips on her uniform.

A man shouts at her. ―Leave the children and the dog alone, what abuse! ―And other people support him.

― It's okay, don't get upset! I'm just doing my job and that dog can't be here, you have to leave the park.

―You don't have the right to mistreat and chase these children, they are not delinquents, ―says a very annoyed lady. ―And, why can't you walk your dog in this park? I remember I used to do it. I don't understand why they put that prohibition. It should be removed!

―That's none of my business! you have to complain to the administration. ―says the park ranger.

―I will do that right now!

―And I'll go with you ma'am. Children, it's better if you go home,―says the gentleman.

―Thank you very much for helping us!―says Marisela.

They arrive home very happy with their feat, it was a prank that ended very well... with the exception of the ice cream.

The following week the kids and Isis went to the park and came in happy and calm because the horrible rule had been eliminated.

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