The Ink Well Prompt #52: Through her hands

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Ella was born with the extraordinary ability to paint with the fingers of her hands. She never needed or used any other instrument to express her art. This was her passion, her joie de vivre.

At birth she could not see what most people could not see. Her eyes were veiled, but for her this did not represent any limitation to communicate and she could express her feelings very well through painting. Ella learned to paint from a very young age. When she ate, she would put her fingers inside the plate and begin to draw lines on the tablecloth.

Her mother, amazed by what she saw, bought her paints and paper and from that moment on she began to paint.

Her small and fragile appearance deceived those who observed her for the first time, because she was not weak and had an iron will and strength. Her face had delicate features, a sweetness like honey, and her large eyes had a look that seemed to pierce objects and see beyond what the senses could grasp. Her hands were small, but with long, slender fingers, very suitable for drawing, like brushes, the lines that her mind drew.

At the age of eighteen, she spent many hours in front of the canvases and while she remained silent, the strokes of a world wonderfully illuminated with the colors of the rainbow, was created through her hands, that light that she could not see with her eyes, but with the memories that were amazingly in her mind.

Her mother protected her from the art merchants who harassed her to sell her paintings, because her daughter did not give her creation to just anyone. Her sensitivity made her select those who really knew how to appreciate them, through the contact with her hands. When a person came who was willing to buy one of her works, she would tell them

—Let me touch your hands.

And the surprised people would extend their hands.

When they touched them, the people felt an energy emanating from her fingers and she in turn felt a warmth that indicated that the person would love her painting.

—Thank you, —she would reply.

Her fame spread in the art world, but Ella did not like this very much and even when her house was the center of meetings of renowned painters, who came to admire her paintings, she isolated herself and her mother was in charge of attending them.

—Mother, you take care of them, I don't like to be among so many people, —she would say.

—It's all right, daughter, — replied her mother, who was already accustomed to doing it to please her daughter.

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But a very hard moment came for the little artist, the death of her mother left her helpless and the support she gave her with so much love, she no longer felt it. Ella locked herself in that house where she no longer heard her cheerful voice and her soul was saddened to the point that her hands only drew black shadows on the walls, on the floor, on the walls, thus expressing her pain.

The years passed and the artist was forgotten by those who previously praised her, no one visited her and every day she was locked up, her world became darker.

One afternoon, a different and sharp sound broke the silence of that house, a small cat entered through the garden and settled confidently on the sofa where the artist's mother used to read.

Ella was surprised to hear it and looked for it with her hands until she found it. That furry, soft sensation shook her and then she felt at peace. The cat purred greeting her as if it knew her and its agile and warm body passed over and over again through her legs.

¿What are you doing here little kitty? ¿are you lost or do you want to join me? —she said.

The cat answered with a meow.

From that day on, she chased loneliness and sadness away from her soul. She felt that her mother's spirit kept her company. The shadows were never painted again and the colors filled the house with light.

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