Searching for the light


This place where I have stayed for so many years, this place that has been my home since I was aware that I was alive, at this moment it is dark, cold and wet, but sometimes it is dry and warm. I lie among this rough and grainy texture, particles stick to my body and I feel other bodies move around me.

I am hungry and I move towards that food source that is very close to me and start sucking on that sugary juice that I like so much. I stay there feeling very good. Nothing prevents me from enjoying this delicious moment. Ah, what a pleasure!

I hear the sounds of the earth, she is alive. The water is coming in and filling everything. I almost drown in this deluge. Next to me there are others like me. I know we are one family because we come from the same mother. I wake up from my lethargy, I don't know how much time has passed, but this routine repeats itself day after day, there are almost no changes, I only feel my body increasing in size very slowly.


As the days go by the temperature increases and I feel the heat in the air. "Uff I'm suffocating, what is happening?". One of my companions advances through one of the tunnels through which we communicate. She approaches me and says.

― It is time for us to go up to the surface, we all go together, we have to get out of this place.

― We have to get outand! that's why we have to do it, what's the hurry?, I am very comfortable here, a little hot, but that will pass as it has always happened.

―Yes it's true, but my watch told me, it's been 17 years. It's time to get out and change, we have been young for many years, without any responsibility. It's time to grow up!

―I'm afraid to leave here! I don't know what's out there! My watch hasn't told me anything.

―You didn't want to listen to it, but I'm sure it has already warned you, ―says her companion, already a little impatient. ―I don't know what's waiting for us out there either, but we can't stay, it's time. You must move up, look for the light.

―Okay, I'm going to do it, I think you're right. ―And moving slowly, like someone who doesn't want to, she heads towards the surface.

We arrive all together and a blinding light dazzles them. We walk on the tree for the first time and I notice that my body has changed and leaves its shell. It is now dark in color and has transparent wings.

At that moment, I hear a sound so loud that it startles and almost deafens me. Some of my companions were singing very loudly. "Why can't I sing", I thought, but then I found it very normal. And with all my companions I flew towards the very green and leafy trees.

My life has changed a lot since I left my old home. Only a few days have passed and I have almost died in the beak of a bird that wanted to eat me. I have to hide and protect myself. My companions are out there flitting around. Even though I miss my dark and cold world, I like to feel the warmth of the sun and see everything beautiful around me.
I feel an impulse to approach one of my companions, who is singing very closely to me, he is courting me and I think I will respond to his song...

It's been two weeks now and I have a very bulging belly. I have to find a place to leave my children. I don't have much time left and they need to be in a safe place so they can live, as I did. And I head towards a beautiful place with many trees, because I know that they will be the source of food for my children.

At last I have been able to fulfill my mission, but I feel weak, I am tired, I can hardly fly, I think it is time to die. But I do not feel sad because I lived for many years. I had a quiet and comfortable life and the necessary time to leave my descendants. I have been reborn from the earth and now I die peacefully.


―Mom look what I found! ―cries a child as he runs to his mother to show her what he is holding in his hands.

―Let me see son. It is a cicada and it is dying,―says the mother. ―Look!, its body is turning white.

―How sad! ―says the boy, he wanted to hear it sing and with great delicacy he places the cicada on the ground under the shade of a saman tree.

―Come on son!,―says the mother, ―the sky is getting very dark and a downpour is about to fall.

But what the cicada does not know is that its body will serve to feed the trees that in turn will feed their children, in a cycle of life that does not stop.

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