The Holiday that Settles Differences


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The holiday is here, children are in high spirit, parents are calculating what it will cost to make them happy and many wish it never end even though the reverse is the case for those who do not have stable home. The kids are leaving no stone unturned by asking their parents what await them having seen their colleagues' Christmas gifts. Mr Mike is typical example of such a responsibility-filled happy dad. He has two children, Patricia and John, his beloved wife Kate.
Mike, a disciplined and caring Dad has no plans to buy Christmas clothes for his children because his wife has spent the money saved for that purpose but has to face a lot of questions from his children especially Patricia,
"Dad, I am just imagining the kind of clothes you have planned to buy for me this time around, hope you are ready?"
"Yes, of course, you know I love you and John, I am also thinking of some of your old clothes"
"Which clothes Dad?" John asked.
"The ones you wore recently"
"Ooh they are truly nice but I am already seeing my new clothes in dreams" replied Patricia.
"No you don't have to, we will sit together with Mum and determine the kind of clothes that suit this particular holiday"
"Okay Dad..." Both replied.
Mr Mike said to himself "I don't think I am starting a war that will be won, these kids are so optimistic, what should I do now? I would like to show my wife that I am the man of my word but the children will have a different view of me. I can't even explain it to Patricia....... smiles..."
Mike went to office to clear some goods and met his colleague, Mr Dim, he asked:
"Mr Dim, how is your preparation for the Christmas holiday?"
"It's going smoothly sir"
"Are your children disturbing you as mine for new clothes?"
".....a bit of silence..... not really sir, but I wish they do"
But Mike noticed a sad countenance in Mr Dim, he asked:
"I feel something is wrong"
"Eeeehmmm, eehhmmm, Yes sir"
"What's the problem?"
"It's a long story sir, I have three kids but they are with their mum?
"Have you divorced?"
"No, but temporarily separated, she secured Court injunction for the custody of the children, I will need permission to deliver the clothes to them"
"Don't worry, we shall look into the root of the matter and get you guys reconciled, nothing is difficult for God"
"Thank you sir"
At this point, Mr Mike thought to himself "I think I am lucky to have a good wife as mine, I will buy my beloved children brand new clothes!"
He come home with a bag full of new clothes even for his wife, on sighting it, his wife smiled and said;
"I thought you are not buying anything for us"
"My dear, I was joking, I just wanted to surprise you and the kids"
"I don't really believe that yet"
"Dear, you have to believe, I am happy when you ask for more"
The wife was confused having known her husband for quite a long time who hardly reneges on his words. She never knew what happened at his office. The kids were happy especially Patricia who likes to question her father,
"Dad, why is this Christmas holiday not everyday?"
" cannot give birth to the same child everyday"
"I know you want another gift" replied John.
"Don't you enjoy the holiday, The fireworks, Santa Claus, music and crackers?" Replied Patricia.
The thought of what Mr Dim was going through having to spend Christmas alone was what Mike was pondering. He made arrangements to see Dim and his wife and was able to get their consents. After all said and done, he was able to convince both to forgive each other, Dim's wife called her lawyer to inform him of the new development and the family reunited.
Dim was visibly happy and said:
"Thanks Mr Mike, this will be one of my best holiday so far"
"I am happy you have someone that will ask you for Christmas gifts"
"Laughs ........"
Mr Mike learned his lesson never to ignore his children's request and to appreciate his wife knowing that it's one thing to have money, it's another thing to spend it rightly and for the right people. He used the opportunity of the holiday to settle his differences with his wife.

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