Inkwellprompt #46- NEW YEAR: NEW HOPE

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Every new thing comes with its own side of attraction but the acceptability sometimes depends on people's experience with similar thing. People have different views about a thing because of different experiences; to some, it's thumb up while some do not hesitate to give thumb down. The new year is almost here and Philip could not withhold his joy but expressed it with lots of excitement.
"It's almost here again! I can't wait to celebrate with my friends!" Screamed Philip to the amazement of his best friend Jones.
"What is here again and why are you shouting? Ask Jones.
"It's new year my guy, I am just very happy for God's blessings this year and I very optimistic for more blessings this coming year"
"Hmmmmm.... Well, you actually deserve to scream. God has really blessed you this year." Said Jones.
Jones who had some few disappointment towards the end of the year having lost his job was skeptical about what the coming year would be and it was clear that he wasn't happy nor excited about the new year.
"Jones, you have to be happy, if this year is not very good, it doesn't mean next year will be the same. Mind you, every year comes with its package" said Philip.
"You are right but I am not just excited considering what happened to me. Notwithstanding, I am very hopeful."
"Don't worry Jones, the new year will be a blessing to you too, let's go and pay Sofia a visit, I want to know what's her plan for the new year."
On getting to Sofia's house, she was busy preparing for a chess competition which is usually held towards the end of every year.
"What are you doing with Chess Sofia? Ask Jones.
"Are you not aware of the forthcoming Chess competition organized by honourable Desmond?"
"We heard it's usually done by December every year but we don't really take it seriously. Is that the reason why you are preparing so hard like this?" Ask Jones.
" guys do not understand what this competition entails, do you know the first, second and third winners will enjoy a free holiday trip to Dubai for new year?
"What? You must be joking Sofia. Anyway, we are here to ask you about your plans for new year which is almost here"
"Laughs.....I have told you, my plan is to spend my new year holiday in Dubai, I will advise you to participate in the competition"
"You are talking as if it's easy to win chess competition, by the way, thanks for the information we are going to give it a trial." Replied Philip.

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On their way home, Jones was doubting the genuineness of the Chess competition by describing it as 'waste of time' but Philip was able to convince him to register for the competition. Jones is very good at playing Chess than Philip and Sofia though each of them has high probability of getting to the final.
The day of the competition has come, everyone gathered to see the person with highest IQ in town and they were cheering the participants. The organizer of the event as usual gave a welcome address and rules guiding the competition:
"Ladies and gentlemen, I am honoured to be part of this year's competition, I want to make it clear to the participants; not all contestants are winners but the the best. The rules are just in front of you in a booklet, read and abide by them............ thank you"
Drama ensued when Jones detected one error in the rules provided and said:
"Excuse me sir, thank you for the opportunity to be here but I noticed an error in the rules.........."
To avoid embarrassment, it was referred to the organizing committee for correction. After the correction has been made, the sponsor, Honourable Desmond apologized:
"We are sorry for the delay, the competition will go as planned. As for the participant that drew our attention to this, we are giving him automatic ticket for the holiday trip, only the best can detect such error, he is as good as the best. We are left with just two positions to compete for."
Jones was speechless, Philip whispered to his ears:
"Is this how you win without playing? I can't believe my eyes."
"I don't really understand, maybe they want to stylishly remove me from the competition for correcting them publicly. I shouldn't have done that." Said Jones.
"As for me, you haven't done anything wrong, do you want to compete with error? Let's wait and see what happens." Replied Philip.
After the competition, it turned out to be true that the organizers wanted to punish Jones for disgracing them publicly by excluding his names from the list of those that would travel to Dubai with excuse that he didn't have some documents. Only Sofia made it. Philip was not angry because he knew he was not as good as others but Jones was visibly angry.
"Can you see, didn't I tell you this competition is not for everyone?"
"Not really Jones, at least Sofia made it, let's forget about what happened and celebrate with her." Said Philip.
Both congratulated Sofia and wished her safe trip to Dubai, but an unexpected happened as they were discussing, Jones got a phone call from his former boss:
"Hello Jones, I trust you are fine, please report to the office immediately, there is a new evidence regarding the case that led to your dismissal"
"Okay sir, I will be there right away"
The new evidence showed that Mr Jones had no hands in the accusations that led to his sack.
"Mr Jones, you are hereby reinstated with a new position of a manager and improved salary, you are expected to resume to your new office after the new year celebration and before then, your official car and driver will be ready. Congratulations."
It was like a dream for Jones, he ran quickly to meet his friends, Philip and Sofia to tell them what happened.
"I told you to be hopeful, the new year is already starting on the big note for you, congratulations."
"Thank you Philip for your advice, every year truly has its package, I am very happy"
"Of course Jones, no condition is permanent, I am happy you have got your job back, it's time to think of how to enjoy our new breakthrough" Replied Sofia.
"Yes oooo, dance! Dance!! Dance!!!.........."
Philip advised Jones to always be optimistic about life and never judge the future by the past,
" I want to advise you Jones, I want you to learn something from me, I can tell about the past because I lived it, I can't summarize the presence because I am still living it, neither will I conclude about the future because it's in the hand of God. As long as there's life, there's hope."
"Thank you so much, Philip."
There is hope for those who are hopefull to make it despite past failure. Let's be hopeful.

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