The letter of remembrance - Creative Nonfiction in The Ink Well: Prompt #5

The letter of remembrance

Many years ago, I was talking with a friend of mine named Aura, around 6 in the afternoon, we spent 3 hours talking and we agreed that I would stop by the high school where she was studying. We were both teenagers.

The next day, I had overslept, she was at her high school watching class, I woke up because I heard my cell phone ring and when I answered the call, it was Aura, she was calling to remind me that at about 11 am I had to be outside the high school waiting to go together to run an errand.

3 minutes later I arrived at the high school and I started to wait outside the campus, when I had just 10 minutes waiting, the police arrived and arrested me, they asked me for identification, but the police wanted to take me without me committing any crime, but a friend who had not met me for some time recognized me and intervened with the police and that was when they let me go, that was when my friend left with her classmates and we left to carry out the proceedings.

2 days later Aura tells me that one of her classmate likes me, then she tells me that her classmate sent me something, I'm surprised! because her classmate took that initiative, when she gave me the letter she tells me to read it when I'm alone.

1 hour after having spoken with Aura, I find myself at home, in my room and I get ready to read the letter, when I open the envelope to take out the letter, I can see that there is not only the letter in the envelope, there is also a piece of a photo. I am surprised! I wonder what the piece of the photo is for. I put it aside and I start reading the letter.

"Hello Pablo, well that's what Aura told me your name was. I'm sorry I dared to write you this letter without us meeting in person first, but as I know I'm usually a little shy about relating to some people who catch my attention, if as I said I like you, although I don't know you in person and I don't know if you could like me, I asked aura about you, with a smile the first thing she said to me was that if I liked you and I with a little embarrassment I answered her that when we went out I could see that she approached you and greeted you with a kiss on the cheek and I assumed that you were friends and that yes, she told me your name, that you are single and that you are a good person, she also told me that she wanted to help me so that you and I could be boyfriend and girlfriend, I tell her that first we should get to know each other and see if our personalities were attracted to each other, so I dared to write you a letter so she could give it to you and by the way in the envelope there is a piece of a profile picture of me, so when I send you another one I will give you the other parts of the picture and when you have it complete you will know who I am, i do it this way, because aura told me that you like mystery and that you are curious. well this is all and i hope to have your answer, kisses and hugs my beautiful Pablito".

After reading all that, I didn't know whether to answer or not, but in the end I was curious to know who is this mysterious woman who dared to dedicate part of her time to write me a letter. So I started to write a letter in response to what she wrote me, it took me a while to remember her letter, But I remember her because it was really something that surprised me and that she meant a lot to me at the time, I will only put a paragraph of what I answered her, because the truth is that I do not remember exactly what I answered her.

"Hello my mysterious lover, I'm sorry to tell you this way but I don't know your name and even though I insisted to Aura to tell me and she didn't want to do it and we are best friends, but it doesn't matter, the truth is that I like mystery and I'm curious, you just managed to awaken in me the curiosity to know who you are and if I could like you, the day I was waiting for aura in front of the high school where you study, I could see all the girls that were leaving the high school with her and there were about two that caught my attention and I don't know if you are one of them".

That's part of what I remember I told her, we had been writing for a period of 3 months and after that, we both felt that it was time to take the next step which is to meet in person, the truth is that when I had half of the photo I already felt that I liked her because of the words she told me through the letters she sent me, in the last letter she sent me was when she told me her beautiful name, her name is Arianna and when I managed to see her completely when I completed the photo, She seemed too beautiful for me to like her, the truth is that I don't know how she liked me, she seemed like an angel and by the way she expressed herself through her letters I could tell that she was shy and that she has a beautiful soul and a big heart, the only condition she put me to meet her was that Aura had to go to meet us, ¡I accepted.!

The day came when we met and when I could see her in person I felt that my heart went out and when I could hear her voice, I fell in love, I felt that I did not deserve her to look at me. We began to talk, well I more than her, that same day she invited me to a cleaning day at the high school where she studies and I accepted to go, after 2 hours of our date we said goodbye and the day I went to her high school, I was the one who hardly spoke, I felt a little uncomfortable since I only knew her and Aura, she approached me to talk and noticed that I hardly spoke, she told me that on the date she was the one who did not speak much and now it was my turn to be the one who did not speak, I smiled and told her that I felt a little embarrassed, she smiled, after being in the classroom with the whole class for 1 hour, I managed to feel confident and decided to talk to her, so I take her out of the room and we start talking down the stairs and after 5 minutes we were kissing and her class group that she was staying with discover us kissing and ask us if I'm her boyfriend, I got red and everyone realized, I answer them saying "If it's for me she would be my girlfriend and my everything". But that does not depend on me, but on her and in front of everyone I asked her if she would accept to be my everything, my girlfriend and she answered of course yes, that if I thought that she would kiss me without us being boyfriend and girlfriend I was wrong, she knew that I would ask her because Aura had already told her.

Note: The drawings that appear in this publication are of my authorship and are elaborated with the Photoshop program.

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