Paolo and the spirit - The Ink Well Prompt #90

Hello, my name is Paolo, I'm 40 years old and I want to tell you a little story of my life and I hope you like it.

It all started many years ago, at that time I was 15 years old and practiced soccer, I was not good at playing; one day I went out with my parents to an uncle's river house, I was excited and my older sister too, because every time we go there I have a lot of fun. I was preparing everything I was going to take, we left the house and we were on our way, when we arrived I ran out of the car to leave the things to go swimming in the river.

When it was 6 o'clock in the afternoon, my parents called me to eat and I shouted from the river, "Wait a minute, give me 5 minutes! I continued bathing, but there was something on the other side of the river, I could not see well what it was because it was at a great distance, but little I could see it seemed to me that it was a child, I was scared by the terrifying look! without thinking much I got out of the river and went up to eat.

When it was 9 o'clock at night I went to sleep, since I was spoiled by so much bathing in the river, the truth is that I was sleeping as if I were a baby, when suddenly something woke me up in the early hours of the morning at about 3 o'clock, It turns out that there was something or someone who had taken the sheet off me and woke me up when I saw the window of the room where I was sleeping, the surprised face and the heart began to beat fast, Tutututup, the fear completely overwhelmed me!

Several hours later, when it was already dawn, I left my room without having slept well, I went to join my cousins and I heard them talking about how yesterday at dawn a spirit was prowling around the land and it was there when I thought that it could have been the spirit that took the sheet off me and opened the window since I sleep with a safety lock on everything.

I relaxed and went to bathe in the river at about 2:00 in the afternoon, when it was about 6:30 in the evening it was a little dark and I could hardly see, but like any young man a little rebellious I continued a little longer, and then went home to eat, but then I saw the boy again in the bush and I got a little closer to see well, When I was at a safe distance I could see that it was a spirit because I could see him again, I got scared and ran to the house, when I arrived everyone noticed me pale and scared, many began to mock me, I saw the spirit of the boy from the river! and I said nothing and listened to them laughing Jajajaja!

The day came to go back home, I thought that everything would be over, but when we left we said goodbye to everyone and left on the way home, and being at home I go to my room to leave the things I took with me and take a shower to eat something and get some rest.

Several minutes later, when I was taking a shower I could hear someone open the door of the bathroom where I was and I lifted the curtain to see who it was and it turns out that what I saw was the spirit of the child, I gave a scream, Aaaaahhh! When the spirit said "Don't be afraid, I won't harm you", I was surprised to hear him and asked him "What do you want from me" the spirit answered "I just want to give you a message, I didn't understand what he wanted me to use it for, I thought to myself. So I asked him, "what do you want me to use that ring for" he instantly said "The ring belonged to your grandfather and he sent me to tell you, he said it will help you to improve everything you do in life" he finished telling me that and the spirit disappeared.

A few minutes later, I ran out of the bathroom to get dressed to go up to the roof to look for the ring, when I'm on the roof I see that there are many things stored and not knowing where to start looking, I figured I should be for the last, so I made my way to search and when I got to the last I found an old chest, when I open it I could see the ring, when I take it and put it on my finger I could feel an energy go through my body.

An hour later, I went to play races with my friends, I always came last because they were super fast, but this time I beat them and with a big advantage, they were surprised and told me what was that, what I had done to be so fast, I told them nothing and went home.

That's what happened with my studies and with soccer too, so much so that I was signed for a club and now I have a business and at 40 years old I already have a family, I retired from soccer 2 years ago and I am extremely happy, thanks to the spirit of the child and my grandfather.

nota: The drawings presented in this story are of my own authorship and are elaborated with the paint program.

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