Learning to grow. - Creative Nonfiction in The Ink Well: Prompt #7

Learning to grow.

In 2014, I was going through a difficult situation and I think it was a bit complicated, because on the one hand the end with a girlfriend I had at that time and on the other hand the death of my mother.

The girlfriend I had at that time, we had broken up because she said that I did not dedicate time to her, since I spent my time working, when I finished my work day, I just wanted to get home, bathing, eating and for about 10 minutes reading a little and then going to bed to sleep until the next day to do the same as the previous day and as a result of that, we began to have arguments and for reasons causing the breakup of the relationship, as it affected me a lot.

The day I found out that my mother had cancer, it was about 5 days after I ended the relationship I had, and I was also depressed because I could not do anything to help my mother, the only thing I could do was to take her to the hospital in CumanĂ¡, which is the city where I live, to have several medical tests, I remember that I could not do all the medical tests, because in the hospital and clinic in the city there was no place to perform the medical studies, what they recommended me in a clinic was to take her to the city of Puerto La Cruz to a well-known hospital in the east of the country, I started to prepare everything for the trip to that city, I called an aunt who is my mother's sister and explained the whole situation to her, she told me without thinking that of course she could receive us and that we should not worry because she would help us too.

One hour after talking to my aunt and having everything ready, I called my brothers who also wanted to go, my aunt from Puerto La Cruz had sent for us, when the car arrived we got my mother and everything we would take, when we were on the road was when I found out that my mother's cancer was possibly in a final stage, at that moment I felt devastated inside and with a great desire to cry, but I had to swallow everything I felt to show my mother that God would do a miracle to heal her, which never happened, after we arrived. My aunt was waiting for us and told me to leave the things inside the house and let her take her personally to the hospital and that we should take the opportunity to take a bath and rest a little.

In the minutes that I was under the shower I cried and begged God for a miracle and that instead of taking my mother he would take me, the truth is that I was very bad, but I could not let my brothers realize how I was if I was the one who gave strength to everyone.

Although for many years I did not live with my mother, we always visited and talked, she was more than my mother, she was my best friend, she was the person that I told her everything that happened to me and I felt, she was my heroine, I miss her now, her advice, her scolding, her hugs, her words of motherly love.

I learned from everything that happened during that time made me grow and become stronger, I learned to value people more, to value the time I spend with my loved ones, all this experience helped me to grow and become a better person.

I thank the community of the ink well that allowed all of us who are part of this community, to express our life experience in nonfiction story, thank you from the bottom of my heart and thank you to all who take time to read my little story.

Note: The drawings presented here are of my own authorship and in this occasion were elaborated with Photoshop.


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