The Ink Well Prompt #49: THE ACCURSED

Jason awoke once more to the darkness. A darkness he had become so familiar with that it felt a little eerie. Locked once again in the sarcophagus. It had gone on and on and somehow no one told him he had to undergo this torture or how long it was for. He couldn't even remember anyone, only bits and pieces of disjointed memories.


The curse that always brought him back to this place, night after night despite his attempts to be rid of this pain, of this feeling of emptiness. It had begun with confusion and after a while it became a quest for answers and when that couldn't be found, anger became his trusted companion. Jason had finally accepted his fate and moved into the indifference that could only be a product of loneliness.

Jason slid open the sarcophagus and made his way to the table in the dining room. As always, while passing the sealed doors along the long hallway, he was greeted by the rattles of something scurrying away from him. He wished it or they wouldn't run, maybe he'd get some kind of companion in this hell hole or was the curse was hinged on his loneliness?


Jason sat on the chair amidst the dust and webs and filth. He could see the dirt and decay but smelled nothing. He could touch the stale bread just like other things, but felt no sensation. Jason stuffed the bread in his mouth and although it had a taste he could only describe as sand, he continued perhaps for the umpteenth time praying for a sense of taste...any taste.

After failing in his attempt at eating, Jason put down the bread and made for the door. He needed a walk around the courtyard as he had done countless times. The night was dark but he could see everything clearly, after all, he was a creature of the night...of only the night.

Jason walked by the edges of the compound, round and round by the walls separating the ruin he called his prison from the woods slowly encroaching in. He couldn't leave, he wished he could. Whenever he tried to, he'd wake up chained in the sarcophagus which he figured was the only furniture he could sleep in. The chains held him for what he could only imagine as days. Being chained for days on end was antagonizing and dissuaded him from constantly trying to escape his prison.

Jason looked up at the stars for a few minutes when he noticed the a cool breeze on the back of his neck. Startled by the sudden discovery, he stretched his hands, his head tilted backwards as he enjoyed this feeling of wind on his skin. Overwhelmed by the feeling, he smiled as he touched the courtyard stones...he could feel that. He felt the steel bars of the fence and the leaves arching down a tree that had forced it's way over the fence. He felt hungry. Jason was about to walk back into the house when he got an epiphany. He didn't want to taste something rotten after so long and with that thought walked towards the gate that was almost crumbling.

Jason stuck his left foot over the white line just after the gate, he didn't black out. He stuck his right arm and he was still awake. He rushed out of the compound, laughing and jumping as a child would. He continued aimlessly until he got to the edge of a river bank. The water gave him a sensation he had never felt. After drinking to his fill, Jason continued towards the current hoping to find some fish or some fruit he could try. The only book in the castle, which he had read end to end severally, had outlined certain fruits he had wished to try. Strawberries, pineapple, Apple, oranges... anything would do.

After walking for about then minutes, Jason heard splashes afar off and hurriedly moves towards the noise. As he moved closer and closer the river got wider and wider until the banks became so far apart that Jason couldn’t see what could possibly be lurking in the woods.

Suddenly, Jason saw a figure standing in the middle of the river. As he walked closer the clearer the features became. The features described by the book he had read suggested this was a woman. A gentle creature, which was suppose to be elegant according to what he read. Confident, he walked closer.


Don't come any closer, seu monstro”, the woman barked, startling Jason to a standstill.

He could see her now, by the light of the moon which had suddenly appeared. Her soulful blue eyes, hair; long and black, flowing like the river he stood in...other aspects that made this stranger have that ferocious beauty that would characterize a goddess of the sea or the moon or virtue or something devastatingly good.

Jason tried to speak but was shocked at the grunts that protruded his mouth. He held his lips, seemingly befuddled. He tried to make gestures to explain who he thought he was.

Return, you beast, to your ruin. Return to your curse”, the stranger continued, waving a fiery pole that had totem markings. “Return to your punishment for the death you caused, for the suffering you brought forth, you blue eyed devil...Return!”.


Jason felt his body go limp as he fell backwards into the river and into a darkness that could only be death. Finally! He would be rid of this curse.

Jason awoke once more in his sarcophagus from a slumber that felt like an age. Chained once again inside the sarcophagus which he called his bed, he began seeing images. He was remembering. It was the horrors of a past life. The fire, the carnage...the death he caused. Images ran through his mind as he felt a shame and regret that could only be a fruit of his past life.

Jason realized he was not fortunate enough to escape a punishment for the deeds of his past. A past aimed towards bringing glory to God homeland. A past of conquest, of hate...of anger. Jason cried in regret but he was not fortunate to have tetears

His curse certain to continue forever.


This is my entry to the InkWell Prompt #49 - By the light of the moon and to the #Dreemport challenge too

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