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"A little reminder of the aproaching submission deadline for this review contest."

Reminder: creativecoin short-story review contest. Prize: (up to) 3 month delegation of 90,000 creativecoin CCC (depending on entry count)


A reminder

Last week I posted this contest, a short-story reviewing contest, that together with this contest, a short story writing contest were my effort to bring the HIVE writing community and the HIVE reading community closer together.

The writing contest has had three entries, and is now closed for new entries. The review contest so far has not seen any entries yet and hence this reminder post.

The base idea of the review contest is:

  • Read all three stories
  • Rate all three stories with one up to five stars
  • Write a short review of two (or three) of the short stories.

Please note that while a review of the 3th story isn't mandatory, and it won't be used in judging and picking the winner of the review contest unless it is too close to call, it would be really great if you can give each of the stories a short review.

The exact details can be found in this post

The prize you can win in this contest has gone up from a 3 month 50,000 CCC creativecoin delegation to (up-to) a 90,000 CCC delegation.

Hive Book Club & Creativecoin

Before we look into the actual contest again, and what you can win, first lets talk a little bit about the Hive Book Club and about CreativeCoin.

There are many creative minds on HIVE, somewhat scattered throughout different HIVE communities and Scot tribes, and creative minds of many kinds. The Hive Book Club is a HIVE community for readers, but a community where book reviews are often posted, well thought through and creatively written reviews by people who appreciate good writing.

CreativeCoin is a Scott Tribe with it's own token on hive-engine, CCC, and a place where creative minds of many kinds meat.

I currently have 325,000 creativecoin CCC delegated to the Hive Book Club, and that delegation links the two communities, but I really would like to do more to bring the two communities closer, and especially to bring #creativecoin authors and Hive Book Club readers closer together.

My current delegation to The Hive Book Club will expire at the end of this year, and before that , in a few months, we'll evaluate if I should do a new, bigger delegation next year, if I should use my CreativeCoin stake to revive my old Silent Bob Curation Initiative, or if a combination of the two would be the best option. In the mean time, my CCC holdings have grown a bit, and I now have a little over 180,000 CCC that really isn't doing all that much, at least not untill the end of the year. With the two contest posts, I want to look at how I can use this stake to run a little competition aimed at bringing the Hive Book Club and CreativeCoin closer together.

The updated prizes.

The price for the writing contest with three competitors, before was set to a 75,000 CCC delegation. For the review contest it was set to a 50,000 CCC that I later updated to 70,000 CCC. I now have 180,000 CCC to delegate and spread over the two winners for the two contests.

How the price is going to be spread over the winners and possibly contestants will depend on the number of entries for the still open review contest.

  • If there are zero entries for this contest, I will delegate:
    • 60,000 CCC to each of the writing-contest contestants. No winners, no losers.
  • If there is just one contestant for the review contest, I will delegate:
    • 75,000 CCC to that review-contest contestant
    • 75,000 CCC to the winner of the writing contest.
    • 30,000 CCC to the runner up of the writing contest.
  • If there are two or more contestants for the review contest, I will delegate:
    • 90,000 CCC to the winner of the review-contest.
    • 90,000 CCC to the winner of the writing contest.

The deadline

The deadline hasn't changed. Submit your entry to this competition before:

September 15th 2021, 0:00 AOE

Remember, it is about connecting.

Remember, if you compete in the review contest, you are not just competing for a prize, you are helping two worlds and different HIVE tribes and communities to connect. Read the three stories by @wrestlingdesires, @litguru and @samsmith1971, they all are amazing and creatively written stories that deserve your time. Enter the competition and connect the two tribes. And if you are lucky, you might win a nice 3 month #creativecoin delegation that you could use to bring communities even closer together.

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