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Blossom of hope @perochukwu

Hey there, this is my first ever story in inkwell. I hope you enjoy.



He took a sip of his whiskey as he had noticed the set of eyes that had been watching him since he walked into the bar. He was just here for a short while to deliver a message from his father and be on his way. But the way this set of eyes stared at him, like they dared him to make a move, like it was a challenge. The year was 1987, jazz musicians played sweet melodies as the audience drowned themselves in alcohol and love. He felt a slight tap on his shoulder, the voice said,"Can I buy you a drink?" He looked our his shoulder to see her bright red lip stick that had a grin on her face as she sat beside him, they were drunk and the night ended as you expect but the two parties went their separate ways without wanting to know any details about themselves.


The messenger can to the same bar but now the year was 2002, he looked like he hadn't aged a bit, he sat on the same spot on the bar as he waited to deliver his father's message. He had dressed accordingly to the current time he was in, then he noticed a set of eyes staring at him from the other end of the bar. She too also looked as young as ever just as if she too hadn't aged, they didn't recognise themselves and ended up spending the night together again but this time something went wrong. For some reason this thing the impossible had happened, the woman became pregnant and what was supposed to be a one night time became something else.

They bore a child and tried to hide him from their families because they knew now that the child would never be accepted in either parts of his parents side of the family.

The counsel was held to judge the case of the forbidden love, people from the boys family were on the right and the girls family sat on the left as they awaited judgement for the abomination their children had just committed. The veredict was judged and the child was given the role to lead earth against the anti-christ in future. He would there blossom of hope.

The End.

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