The Weekend Gift

Taylor's boyfriend, Chris,was at her gate and had just called to tell her to open meanwhile, in her room sitting right next to her is her other boyfriend Paul.

She couldn't believe her dilemma as her eyes almost plucked out of their sockets from widening in shock. She had excused her self to answer the call few distance away from Paul where she stood rooted on the ground with her phone still to her ear even though the call ended some seconds ago. What to do because Chris would definitely want to come in. She slapped herself mentally for not ignoring the call like she would normally do when any of them was around. She needed to think fast and smart but her brain was failing her.

Unconsciously she started eating her nails while still having her back to Paul, whom she has been in a romantic relationship with for more than a year. He now noticed her demeanour and got up from the large purple bean bag they both were sharing earlier while watching a Netflix movie.

At the same moment, an idea formed in her head. She took a deep breath and made a swift turn around only to bump into Paul's hard body. His 6'6 figure was now hovering over her 5 inch slender body. Caught by surprise, Taylor's iphone dropped from her hand to the tiled floor facing down. She gasped and bent to pick the phone and immediately placed it in the back of her jean pocket. She'll cry about her broken phone screen later but for now she needs to save her head.

"Easy babe. Who was that?" Paul asked with a bored voice gesturing to the phone in her pocket.

From the relaxed look on his face, she could tell he had no idea even though for a split seconds there she thought he saw the contact of his friend Chris.

"My aunt." She said with an uncertain voice as she briskly walked to the door before looking back to explain.

"She's at the gate and wanted me to get her" she told him while holding the door knob.

Dusting an invisible dirt from the front of her jean, she smacked her lips together and tucked stray hairs to the side of her ear. She opened the door and stepped out, locking the door from behind her before Paul could object to it. She heard him call behind her and she shouted a 'Sorry babe' In a high pitch tone voice.

"Hey honey, What took you so long?" Chris who was getting worried standing outside asked in a concerned voice followed with a peck on her cheeks. He was holding a large shopping bag that he stretched out to her after she told him she was in the convenience when his call came.

"OK. I just wanted to offer you this."* she peered in side the gorgeous gift bag she had just gotten.

"Its my weekend gift to you." He said with a proud grin on his face as he kept his hands back in his pants pocket and took a couple of backwards steps closer to his black SUV car.

Seeing that he didn't intend to stay, she couldn't contain her gladness anymore that she launched on him for a big hug. Oblivious of whats playing out, Chris took the hug to mean that she appreciated the gesture that much.

"You're welcome, honey" he said.

Followed by an 'I'll see you later, after work' as he opened his car door and sat inside.

Taylor could only nod because she was speechless. "I love you." she said when she finally found her voice.

"I love you too, honey." Chris replied and drove off.

She looked inside the gift bag and brought out a beautifully wrapped box. Inside the box was a breath taking neck piece. She gasped upon realizing its the same necklace she was admiring days back from an online store. She pulled out her phone to confirm her suspicion.


A loud clap from behind her startled and for the second time that day, her phone went flying from her hand to the ground.

"Damn you!" She cursed. Giving him a dangerous look.

"Wow, you are such a little cheat and that serves you right!" His familiar annoying baritone voice mocked.

*"You'll have to pay me to keep quiet. Good luck explaining yourself to Paul" Her twin brother told her as he grabbed the chocolate that came along with the gift and casually strolled away unwrapping the chocolate box while leaving angry Taylor frustrated at her luck that evening.

     The End.
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