Tayo tried to hide it but he was not fast enough. Knowing that he has been caught red handed by his wife, his mind immediately started cooking up an explanation in his mind before his wife covered the distance between them. still seatted and maintaining his position on the stone bench at the far end of the garden,he rubbed the short growing beards on his chin. He rubbed on it so hard as though it will take the smell of the cigarette away. The very smell that sends his wife's anger ten times its usual rage.

He didn't anticipate what happened when she eventually got to his spot. Koko, his wife, snatched the half empty bottle of whisky from him and chugged down most of its content before he could stop her. The sound of the crashing bottle on the stone chair mixed with his wife's squeal immediately sent him into a frantic mood. He watched her clutch on her neck, then her chest, followed by an uncontrollable cough. The spirit was burning her inside and she was dying.

Baby, baby!

He called on her with his voice as strained as it can be. He shook her rigorously out of frustration before getting a hold on his self and guiding her to sit on the stone chair but she couldn't sit. His wife was suffering from intense hurt and he was the cause. He ran half way to the house to pick his phone to call for help but changed his mind when he took a quick look back and saw his now convulsing wife struggling for her life. He ran back to grasp and struggled to gather her full weight on his arms.

He was able to make it to his car without dropping her. His head slightly bumped on the roof of the car as he managed to put her on the back seat. A careless sweat rolled down his fore head and into his left eye, with a swift shake of his head he 'cleaned' it away accompanied with a curse. He moved as fast as he could to the driver's seat, started the ignition and zoomed off to the nearest hospital.

I'm sorry baby.

He whispered to his sleeping wife on the hospital bed while caressing her hair with his eyes fixed on hers. He took his phone to check the time. It was 9pm in the evening. He arrived the hospital three hours ago and thankfully the doctor on duty was a very friendly and compassion one. He took care of her and did his best to assure him that she'll be fine. He was relieved to hear that but he still carried the guilt in his heart even as he watched her sleep deeply.

His phone's light came on and he dragged himself up to pick it from the table where he left it plugged to the wall socket at the other side of the hospital room. It was an email notification. He had a couple of whatsApp messages too. Ignoring the missed calls from the very person that caused him to result to taking some puffs of cigarette, he opened the mail and cursed upon scanning the content. Throwing his phone right beside his sleeping wife on the bed, he began to pace back and forth trying to figure out why his life was a mess.


Koko's weak voice emerged. Supervised Tayo made a quick turn and went to sit beside her on the bed. He placed a kiss on her lips right before sitting and held on to her hand firmly.

Easy, baby.

He said softly as he helped her sit up on the bed. She made an attempt to say something but chocked n her words. Obviously struggling with a burnt and patched throat. She placed her hand on her forehead and tilted herself backwards to rest on the pillow.

Please don't try to say anything for now. I know I have been a complete idiot. I have been careless with my life's choices and I have brought you so much worries and heart ache.

He shifted restlessly and picked her second hand before going ahead with his elf admonishment.

Baby, please don't scare me like this again. I need you. I cant think of a world without you. Please don't leave me.

He said all of these in one breath and with so much emotion that his eyes began to tear up. Placing her hands on his lips for a kiss, he let out his heartache as he cried profusely.

I don't know how I'll pay the loan shark. I don"t know how I'll pay the fine I got from breaking traffic rule this night.

Upon seeing his melt down, Koko could not help but feel guilty about the role she played in these two cases. Pulling him up for a hug, she managed to utter her first words that night.

It is well. We'll be fine, baby. I promise.

             **The End.**
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