The Inkwellprompt - Dearly departed

He said that goodbye would be the hardest thing he had to said to his children.

But when it get dark, he was no more, he could not stood to his words, he stop breathing, his eyes were closed and no matter how you called out to his name, he could not hear you.

Everyone rush inside the room but he was no more. He had passed away.

They were all angry at his immediate dearly departure, he was an honourable man, a man of honour and one who look out for his friends and families and as that.

He was still a young man and could have still contribute more to himself, families and
his neighbors.



Loosing a great men of wisdom is hardly to forget and one of the most bad incident in the life of the people.

Being dearly to oneself and that of others around you is good and if being in a terrible situation they would all feel about it.

His dearly departed." Was a thing of sorrow, The family was deeply touched, the wife, the children and every family members, were not happy about it.

Some said he was suffering from cancer and some said he was a diabetic, yet what has happened has happened, now, he is at rest from this situational world.

Life itself is a journey who knows what death is?

Could it be a journey too?

When I heard about the sudden departure of John's father, I could not help it but to think of how he would manage to push through in his academic pursuit.

He called me and began to cry of which I told him, do not cry my friend, for it all happens for a reason, let pray for mercy for him.

Crying and crying and crying would not do anything to what has just happened, rather, you will end up impacting headache to yourself.

You are my friend and I want you to know that, I will always be with you, we will see through all your challenges together, and never will I leave your side.

Dear friend I know you need me now more than ever, you can come stay with me if you want to, we will share all my belongings and lots together.

Please be comforted for better days are coming.

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