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The Inkwell Writing Prompt: The Ghost In The Night

My friends used to tell me, going out at night or dark places, would make you meet a ghost, that we should not endeavors to go anywhere at night, even if it's nearby places, it is terrible at night.

Therefore, whenever my mum send me an errand in the store room, I will refuse to go, since the store room is usually dark.

One day, my Dad, called out to me.

I should go and buy him a pair of tiger batteries, for him to used and listen to news on 90.5 FM, and it was around 6:30PM, the shop selling the batteries was just a stone throw.

I humbly collected the money and hide myself in the backyard of the building, since it was night time already, so that I would not go outside and meet a ghost.

In not more than fifteen minute, I came out of the backyard and told my Dad that, all stores selling batteries has closed, I will go buy it tommorow morning.

My Dad, told me, if all the shop has closed, what happened to Nnenna's shop!

Has she closed also?

I was short of words and could not said anything, he asked me to give him the money, and went out by himself to buy the batteries.

Since that moment, I was not myself, my Dad couldn't believe that I do lies at times, because he believed, I am not capable of lying, when he came back, he told my mum about it and asked her, she is the reason why I am stubborn.

Telling her that, they pet me too much, that is why I am stubborn.

While, I was sitting on the varenda, my mum came to me and asked me of the reasons I refuse to go buy batteries for my Dad.

Frstly, I was short of words but she keep pushing me harder and harder, which I told her everything.

But, I was surprised since all she did was to laugh at me, she was laughing at me for a longer time.



She said "now I know the reasons, if I sent you an errand in the store room, you will refuse to go, since the store room is usually dark but will get upset instead.

Those stories you heard from people, are fairly tale, No ghost would follow you in the night or in the dark it just a memo on how to live your life.

Most importantly, they are trying to make you understand that, you should always try and do something as soon as possible, and avoid doing it in the night.

It is only an assumption of what may likely to happen, but they are not true.

I smiled and went inside the parlor and said "I am sorry Dad" I was afraid that, Ghost may confront me on my way to Aunty Nnenna's shop and follow me down home.

I didn't want to put you and Mum in danger, as you both are more precious to me, now, I have learnt it from mum that, ghost do not follow anyone at night.

I am sorry, never to do it again.

He said, you may stand up my boy.

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