Second Time's A Charm.


This is a story of two high school sweethearts Mike and Maxine, they were so much in love, that when they're together it looks like the whole world stops, but their love began as a bet between Mike and his friends.

Maxine was the one of prettiest girls in their higher school and kind of a nerd also, because she was extremely brilliant and the boys in their where always scared to talk or come close too her.

One day Mike and his friends playing basketball in the hall and making so much noise, while Maxine was studying in the class next too the hall way, so she make out and told them too please stop the noise that she was trying to study, but Mike and his Crew made her a deal that they will only stop if she could take on mike at basketball.

Mike was the basketball player and amongst his crew, and was going off to university on basketball scholarship that should tell how good he is, but his biggest mistake was, he underestimated her, she was a really good basketball player because she always practice with her brothers at home, Mike was feeling like super star, show off his skill and all, and she was just smiling. He came closer to dribble her, he never anticipated what happened next.

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She took the ball From him, dribble and dunk on him, he was shocked and was forced to ask for her name, few weeks later they started dating, and at the end of year after he graduated and was off for university. She was still in highschool.

Because they didn't want too lose each other Mike and Maxine decided to get married before he was off for university, without their parents knowledge. The went court and got married.

After she graduated high school she went of to university with a different time zone and a really distance town from Mike, to study medicine. Few months into the University, the distance and time zone issue became a big trouble and they were drifting apart, so they both decided to dissolve the marriage since it wasn't working out.

Few years after mike became a basketball Star and Maxine became one of the best Doctors in her city, middle of the basketball season mike had a knee injury and needed knee surgery.

As fate would have it, the hospital mike went too, the surgeon was on vacation, but recommend a good surgeon for him, who turned out to be Maxine.

After his knee surgery they kept in touch, one thing lead to another, old feelings rekindle and they fell in love again, but this time they were more mature successful and have figured their lives out, they took things one step at a time. After 2 years of dating they decide to get married again but this time with the knowledge of everyone both friends and family.


The second time Mike and Maxine got married was better than the first. Because it was like the event of the century. Thanks guys for reading, have an awesome week ahead 😊.

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