School Memories With My Dear Friend - The Ink Well Prompt #29


image by Omar Lopez at Unsplash

Story of I and my dear friend from our university days.

So I resumed 3weeks late, due to some situations beyond my control, School was already in section, classes were already on, I was thinking how i would catch up with classes before the first test of the semester get started because I had to do my documentation, get note from other students, get a hostel accommodation and all.

I was a bit overwhelmed, but I got lucky and was given the best roommate anyone could ever ask for, when we met I never expected that we will become friends instantly, it was like as if we have known each other for years.

This how our friendship started, I got my hostel accommodation, my room was down the hall way, room A29 close to the bathroom and restroom area, when I got to the door it was locked so I opened it, it made this loud noise as it scrapped the floor. When I enter the room it thought he would be upset because he was at sleep, but he wasn't.

Fast forward to after I got settled in, I told him that I don't know how I will catch up, because I resumed late, he told me not to worry and gave his notes for the general courses will would take together because we were not in the same department, then he took me to rooms of those who in my to get their book.

Helped me make my notes and I was able too catch up with everyone before the semester tests got started, we became close friends and we did almost everything together, we went to eat together, rush to get in the school bus together because our hostel was really far from the school, etc, we were roommate till we graduated and we been friends ever since.

Image by Jed Villejo

Now I can say his my brother from another mother.

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