“Dear God, I promise you not to return to it again, though I was lost in the world and it took so long before I came back to my senses. Please help me to grow bigger in strength and wisdom; that I may have reasons to always remain in your presence for the rest of my life.” Those were the first few words Christiana spelled out of her mouth within the first few minutes of a new year. However, though I have been Christiana’s roommate for a couple of months, I wonder what her plight was and why that was her first request at the very first minute of a new year. Though I was unconscious I have been staring at her for minutes, but Tom grabbed my hand and shook me to congratulate me for making it to another year. I congratulated him in return and gave my roommate a hug as we all rejoice for being able to see a new dawn in a new year.


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Seven months later, I came back home being tired and Hungry after hours of restless classes. Although I was supposed to at least buy something to eat on my way home. However, I had no penny on me, so I decided to cook as soon as I get home. Unfortunately for me, something really weird happened; Christiana is not at home! I had no idea of what to do next because I gave her the key to my cupboard before I left for my classes. I search everywhere for the key, but my effort turned out fruitless. I called Christiana as often as I can, but her line was switched off. I lunge towards my bed and fell hopelessly. What will I eat! I screamed profoundly with tears rolling out of my eyes. I may joke with everything, but food; I never joke with it. So I decided to eat from the leftover meal my roommate left behind on her cooking gas for the first time in my entire life. Behold, a mountain of jollof rice spiced with some leaves became a valley within a twinkle of an eye. Though the meal tasted different, but that was the only option I could think of at that very moment.
A few minutes later, my heart began to beat rapidly and I felt my brain walking out of my head. That was all I remembered. When I came back to my senses, I was completely necked with a lot of bruises on my body. I grabbed my cloth as soon as I can, put them on, and tried to be who I used to be. I guess it is too late to mend, something whispered within me. My room as been filled with both friends and foes and I felt ashamed of myself. “That is the work of cannabis”, I overheard some group of boys as they mock me.
“Someone must have told Christiana what happened, that is why she hasn’t shown up even till now.” Tom felt sorry for me after he heard my story. “She must have mixed weed with the rice you ate and the innocent you devoured it as if it is the usual meal you eat. Though I wonder why you don’t know your roommate is a terrible drug addict.” I did know she drugs, but I never know it is as serious as this. "Really! I dare not take ordinary water from her, because everyone in my department knows there is 80% tendency that there is at least little content of drug in whatever she takes. Now I understand how badly she wants to quit the drugs, but she is deeply into it." Tom replied full of anxiety. Do you remember I was seated next to Christiana in church on crossover night? " Yes, I did. That was the day I caught you staring at her looking confused" I overheard her first request and I wondered what her plight was. Now I understand how serious her drug addiction level has grown. How I wish her New Year resolution can come through this year; that she may overcome being a drug addict.

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