Tears slips down Kinzo's face as he stares at the vast ocean in front of him,it seems so insurmountable that he looks for a place to shade.

As he sits in a shade,he drifts into an uneasy dreamless sleep.
Kinzo is startled awake by a rope being tired around his arm,he tries to shake his oppressor off and invites more hands to grip him like an iron vice as the rope is tied securely,He feels a sharp pain,and loses Consciousness he is knocked out cold.
Eyes still closed Kinzo could hear muted conversation and groans around him.
Cautiously he opens one eye to peep around him,and is shocked as he sees people of various ages tied to stock in a vast wooden basement or was it a boat?.He couldn't tell the difference.
As he stares in amazement,he feels a leg prod his back,looking behind him he sees another young boy barely two years his junior.
As he tries to speak he felt a hot white pain creep up his back before he hears the sound of the whip as he falls unconscious.
He is woken by a rough shake,put on his feet and bound to other captives as it dawn on him,he has become a slave..

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