Moonlight King


Mom for sure this one will be successful I have prayed to the gods with all my heart and I know they have heard and answered my prayers. Leave the gods out of this I warned you not to take her in as your wife but you were madly in love with her that you couldn't even know what is right.

I told you she was... Oh! mother enough am tired of hearing the same thing from You can't you ever say something else? yes I ended up marrying the love of my life, and damn the consequences. Instead of blaming me, you should be by my side encouraging and praying for me. To hell with that and I won't do such; why will I pray for you that will not listen to elders, it's either you marry a better lady or die without a son and pass on the throne to your cousin.

King Jason has been a sad man since the day he married his wife. She for reasons known only by the gods had gotten miscarriages in all her pregnancies. She is heavy with her 4th pregnancy that was able to reach eight months old.

Oh, gods of our fathers what have I done to deserve this humiliation? I need an heir, am not growing younger and besides its tradition that I provide the heir to the throne or I pass the throne to my cousin. I am your devotee and you know how important a child Is for me, I don't care even if it's a female child I just want to carry my child in my arms and prove to them all that you are the greatest.

Greetings queen mother you sent for me! My daughter, I am sure your parents must have informed you of my proposal I call you in to find out your response, but queen mother the king Is married" shut up!! How dare you say that to me I am fully aware he is married. But I chose you because I know you can give me a grandson or won't you love to be the mother to an heir of Edumba kingdom?

That had always been my dream queen mother. Then you should sit back and watch me make that dream come through for you.

Mother, I overheard your discussion with the maiden. Yes; and what about that? Mother, you should know the path you are taking, and dragging me along will never walk so just quit it. I rather leave the throne than getting married again, I vowed to live with my beloved till death do us path, am not ready to take the path of my forefathers in marrying more than one wife. Mother, please quit.

The moonlight is bright like the sun making the atmosphere alive, children are seen jumping up and down playing hide and seek grandparents tell moonlight story's too little children. It was exactly this time the baby in queen Aliyah's tummy forced his way out even before the complete nine months.

Push! Push! Push! Was heard from the room of the village mid-wife and a baby was heard crying, immediately a servant ran to the palace to inform the king of the good news. He dance for joy and said, indeed the gods are not dead my moonlight king I born. The king's mother was the happiest amongst them all she pleaded and seek the king's forgiveness They all lived happily ever after.

Just thought of paticipating in this week's prompt, dear reader hope you liked my story? Please do give your feed back for corrections Stay safe👍.

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