The Underrated Lad

Everyone in the stadium stood up in shock and disbelief, as all eyes focused on one end of the pitch, hoping and praying Benson gets back to his feet and continues the match. Benson was undoubtedly the best dribbler on the pitch, so it won't be fair if his legacy ends like this.

“What did our eyes just witness?” "He is the highest goal scorer of the tournament, and we must support him to the finals" supporting fans argued among themselves.

It was all shouting and murmuring on the pitch, as Benson kept yelling and rolling uncontrollably on the ground. His kneecap had just been injured by an aggressive defender of the opposing team.

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–"You did this intentionally"- Benson cried out aggressively from the ground; as he glanced through his opponents that also surrounded him.

It was the Governor's Cup tournament, hosted in every 2-year interval. The competition sees more than 200 teams in the state compete for the chance to become champions and to win the grand prizes that follow. Every team is eliminated by knockouts till the finals, which means every team gets just one opportunity to prove themselves or go home as losers.

The Governor has set a reward prize of $100,000 for the winning team, and the community where the team belongs would be specially developed and renovated by the Governor.

–"This might as well be the end for the Delta Rangers, as it has just been confirmed that their best player won't be able to continue going forward"- The commentators sorrowfully announced; while Benson was being carried out with a stretcher by the medical team.

The Delta Rangers had made it this far to the semi-finals, mainly through the help of Benson their striker. He was very talented and was the leading goal scorer of the tournament with 13 goals to his name.

–"From the substitutes listed earlier, it's obvious that the team does not have any other big name to replace their injured striker"- The commentators added again; laughing slightly this time.

It was the 78th minute of the game already, and the Ranger's coach had no other suitable player to play the striker's role.

The coach was furious and confused at this time, and he poured his aggression on the players who were sitting on the bench.

–"You all are a bunch of incompetent players." "I have tested and seen your abilities in training. I am afraid we might get knocked out today."- The coach said furiously, as he pointed to Franol, the most underrated and smallest player in the team.

–“Come!!” he called out to Franol who by this time was already trembling. “I do not trust you, but I would give you a chance to go in and do your best."- The coach said to him calmly, while patting his shoulder softly.

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The board notified that Franol was to replace Benson in the striking role, and they were complaining and murmuring all through the stadium, as the Ranger's supporters started chanting insults at both the coach and the boy, even before he entered the pitch.

–"The coach has cost us this match, why would he give the striking role to this small boy"- Some of the angry players at the bench murmured among themselves.

–"Gooooalll!! 85th minute, and the Delta Rangers have conceded a goal". "Barely 10 minutes after Benson was out of the pitch, and now his team is losing," The commentators said mockingly.

The whole stadium became so noisy, as the PH-boys fans couldn't stop celebrating. It was the first time the Delta Rangers got to the semi-finals of the Governor's Cup, and most stakeholders wanted to see them win it. They were the underdog, and favorite to win the competition, but just until the 89th minute of the game, that dream was left hanging.

–"Oh my God! Gooooalll!! 90th minute, the Delta Rangers have fought back the odds and scored." "What a time to score."- The commentators said excitedly.

–"And see who gets the goal, our own golden boy; Franol." "Scoring from that angle isn't an easy task if you ask me"- One of the commentators added.

Franol just brought life into the game, with a massive shot from outside the 18-yard box to equal the scoreline to 1-1. The whole stadium was on their feet to cheer their teams into victory within the last 5 minutes of extra time.

It was now a matter of praying and hoping for the fans, as they were nervously watching the ball moving from one end of the pitch to another.

–"I think this match would end in penalty shootouts," One of the commentators said; just a few seconds into the end of extra time.

It was the last seconds of the game, and the PH-boys were on the attack, including defenders. Almost 20 players were now in the 18-yard box of the Delta Rangers, and a counter occurred, seeing Franol and his teammates now running towards their opponent's goalpost with the ball.

–"This is my moment," Franol thought to himself, as he dribbled past the goalkeeper.

He had the chance to score, but he passed the ball to one of his teammates, who scored and earned them the win to the finals.

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The whole City of Delta chanted Franol's name throughout the year for his performance on this day. Franol went on to be the favorite player on the team because he gave them hope when they lost theirs in Benson.

Franol went on to score the winning penalty on the day of the finals, to win his team the governor's cup competition. The city of Delta has now set a special day in honor of Franol every year. This was how a little trembling lad became a hero of his city and his team.


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