The veil

Mariah could not hold her excitement when she saw the red Rover drifting round the water hall. She ran out of the living room as though the car would not stop and kept on screaming "they're here". Unable to hold her excitement, she opened the door of the car even before it stopped and grabbed her sister tightly, and began to cry. She has not seen her in years and they both where sobbing like little kids. When mama and papa joined them outside the stairs, mama began wailing, hugging,kissing her daughter and one could only wonder the bond this family shared.


Mariah's family were known as the Krofts. They were from a small but rich and wealthy town in Asia. The Krofts, being successful family lived happily with their two daughters, Emily the oldest and Mariah.


When Mariah was born,her mother "mama" as she was fondly called became pregnant with a third child but unfortunately, the child died and frankly, it was a miracle mama survived and was told she cannot bare anymore children. Same time as the Krofts were mourning their new born baby and crying for their mother and wife, the worst was yet to happen.
Papa got a call that the Krofts company had an electric glitch and caught fire. Before the firefighters arrived,it was down to ashes.


Things became hard for this family and all the people they thought were their friends turned their backs on them. The only option remaining was an arranged marriage for Emily who was twenty years old to the son of the Crowthers.

The marriage was soon set and even though Emily had never met her proposed husband, loved someone else, she could do nothing but make this tough sacrifice for her family.

The marriage was done and Emily and her husband travelled for their honeymoon in the Bahamas but in no time decided to live there as they began to get fond of each other and wanted a new beginning. The Krofts recoperated as they lived happy with the Crowthers. It's been five years now since Emily and her husband travelled.They were now with a child, little Jason and decided to spend the holidays with their loved ones and this is just the beginning of beautiful days to come...



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