The inkwellprompt#50. (The Rebirth)

The sun seemed to have lost its gaze and fell in jealousy as Ola stepped out in her beautiful tight jeans, stunning boots and white T-shirt. Her aura awed the atmosphere and her smile brightened the neighborhood.



She smiled and waved at the neighbors as she walked pass, having a smile on her face made everyone who knew her happy and some just wished she had a more better life.

Ola has had a tough but adventurous life;as she always put it, but that toughened her and made her a better woman. And even though,she she has had some difficulties, she is glad she scaled through.

Ola and her parents, Mr and Mrs Tonye, two siblings, Tunde and Kunle; her younger brothers lived in a small but comfortable town in the West. They where one of the influential families and everybody loved them.
One day,Ola who had just graduated from elementary school had just been enrolled into highschool in the neighboring state which was just an hour drive. Her family were excited and decided to go drop her in school this very weekend,on their way back,the clingy hand of death caressed them away from her only just to build a cloud of want and loneliness in her.

Her world was shattered, her joy deprived, her thought divided, her loneliness entwined. How could she cope at a tender age, she should have been there than left alone, she thought. The news had come from the school Headmaster who was vague in expressing himself. His expression had already made Ola perceive that something had gone wrong and when the news came...she fainted.



Waking up, Ola was in her house and all she heard was screams,tears pouring like a flowing river, people gathered. She tried to get up but a hand leaned softly on her making her go back to an unpleasant bed rest. She needed a second to fathom why these people had gathered in her house, but when the thought came rushing back, she wished she had never thought of it.



Years passed but cloud of thoughts kept hovering around Ola. Her grade's dropped, her mood and even her body. She had being living with her aunt Kola and Grandma Tina who had to fly back to the country as soon as they heard the news and never left since then. Some nights she cried her self to sleep, think she should just join her family,jump off the roof or better still starve herself to death. Her Grandma would tell her stories,cook her enticing delicacies but to no avail.
Sometimes she would be so caught up in her thoughts and act as one who has gone insane.
Grandma Tina sometimes would also cry at the lost of her beloved son,inlaw and grandchildren. She wondered how an eleven year old child would be left alone in the world with no love and affection from her parents but rather just an aunt and old woman who can never fill that void. Even though five years have passed now, Ola was barely herself and things remain as they were,sad and tragic making the house seem like a graveyard but better still a doom house. She had gone to many therapists but more harm seemed to have been done than good.



One day, in school, when all the students were seated in the school hall, the principal came over and looking at him, one would notice he had a very exciting news to share.
"Good morning students,he started, I have an amazing news to share. The annual school debate is coming and we have gotten the list of volunteers who would participate in this year's debate. Each class have agreed and their representatives are Kola Tonye, Alex Sanders, Mitchell Brooks,Izu Okeke...
Kola went vague and the words of the principal became faint in her ears as she wondered why her name would be called and why her class would do that to her.
The principal finished and the students returned back to their classes. After school, she tried explaining to Miss Charlotte who happened to be their Teacher but rather all she said fell on deaf ears. Apparently, Miss Charlotte had discussed the matter with Ola's Grandma and her aunt who thought it was a good idea. Maybe she would be able to lighten up abit and this might just be a therapy for her.

As it was highly expected, Ola realized that there are people who look up to her, cherish and appreciate her, and how lonely she had been and even made everyone around her be by shutting them out and never giving change a chance. Now the whole world only awaits the excesses she is filled with...


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