The Inkwell prompt #49 Tales We Told

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Habiba,Habiba,Grandma would always shout whenever her precious little girl is nowhere to be found.The shouting would continue until little Habiba comes running to the open arms of the old woman."How many times have I told you to play around the compound;the old woman would yell,if you keep disrespecting me like this I will call Ikanga to come and take you to his shrine". Grandma knew how much little Habiba feared Ikanga the village masquerade who only comes out once a year during the harvest festival.
One year, during the harvest festival, Habiba had refused to leave the room till the next day because of the tales her Grandmother told her about Ikanga capturing and taking little stubborn children to his shrine as sacrifice to the gods and she seemed not to be innocent of that.

Habiba was the daughter of Iduza and Akiba from the land of Dauza. Her parents tragically lost their lives to the brutal raid by the Huaza people. Ever since she could remember, it has only been her and her Grandmother and she can barely even remember what her parents looked like.

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Habiba grew to become one of the prettiest maidens in Dauza and every eligible bachelor wanted to make her his wife.Grandma was proud of the woman her little Habiba have become and would not hesitate to boast about to anyone who cares to listen.
Grandma felt terrible losing her beloveth Habiba to the arms of another especially a man but it was a duty and pride for a mother to see her child happily married and more so bear grandchildren which she so much hoped to see before the transcends to the great beyond,so she decided to make a special request in regards to the man her Habiba would spend the rest of her life with.

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Grandma decided to interview the suitors who seeked Habiba's hand in marriage one after the other. She would either use riddles or skeptical questions depending on her mood and thought to throw the young men into a frenzy. The young men who went into her hut either came out sweating a river off themselves or in a rage making the others wonder what would have drove them into such agitations.


What if the gods choose not to bless Habiba with children in time,what would be your decision then? Grandma asked one of the suitors. I will marry at least other two wives, even though that is the plan anyways,he laughs, while we wait for the gods time for Habiba.
Grandma was not angry about what the young suitor said but because of the sacarstic laughter he kept on his face for very long seconds and she angrily sent him out of the hut.
After a fruitless day of trying to find an eligible suitor, Grandma's feet's were hurting and she could not wait to get done with this annoying suitors who graced her home when a tall, handsome and muscular young man walked into the hut with a broad smile on his face. Seeing the angry expression on Grandma's face, he quickly knelt down and said; I know I am not worthy of your precious daughter but if you will have me, I promise to never take off that smile Habiba carries off her face, be it in happiness or sorrow, for I chose to stand by her and her by me for the rest of our days.

Grandma's face brightened up for, of all the men she had met that day, only this young man was polite enough to kneel before her and more so utter such courageous words.
Who are you youngman, she asked.
I am Iguza,son of Iruma the palmwine tapper, he replied.
Your words gladens my heart and eases the wearing of my sore feet. Rejoice for it will be my honor to give my dearest Habiba in union to you, Grandma said.

And so,the dearest Habiba, daughter of Akiba and Iduza, was betrothed to Iguza,son of Iruma and they lived happily thereafter. Now go to bed little ones, for tomorrow I will tell you the tale of Izuna the great warrior when the moonlight sets upon us like today, mama said as she takes us back to the hut

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