The Delimma

The thunder sound of deafening music blasted Kevin's ears, he could only wonder why his dad always play music this loud to the terror of their neighbors. Kevin could not get over the thought of the last time he didn't hear music. He was the head of the music team in his school and even though people loved his music skills,that was not actually his dream.

When Kevin's dad was little, he always wanted to be a music artist and his parents were his biggest fans. But after the demise of his father,life became hard for the family and he had to drop out of college to get a job at a diner to support his younger siblings. Even though he never had the opportunity to pursue his dream,his love for music never died. It was during a music concert in Kansas that he met Angela, Kevin's mom and soon enough they got married and Kevin was born.



When Kevin was born, his father bought all kinds of musical instruments for him, and since he could remember, all he knew was music even before he could walk.
Aside music, Kevin grew up to become a good sportsman and the girls loved him on and off the pitch. His dad thought playing sport was a big distraction for Kevin's musical career which he has mapped out for him since birth and that has always caused a squabble between them.

One faithful day, Kevin's dad enrolled him in an artistic contest but Kevin declined and went for a soccer match without the knowledge of his father. Even though he tried explaining to his father that he preferred sports, the old man wouldn't understand.
"I don't want you to make the same mistake I made, I didn't have this opportunity and now you do, please don't blow it" his dad would always say totally ignoring Kevin's views and ideas. He never attend his soccer games but always on the front roll whenever a musical performance is done, yelling "that's my son" to the next person.


That day,Kevin sobbed and wished he could just be given a chance to prove himself but that is far from possible because of how much he respected and loved his parents,letting them down was not an option.
He was left with the option of either chasing his dreams or pleasing his parents and whichever the option, he was blessed with the gift,but the question remains which does he actually derive joy from and that gave him a hard time figuring out.He was left with this decision to make but how could he... He thought.
School was over and it was time for graduation, Kevin's parents were proud of him because he came top of his class and was offered two scholarships for both soccer and music, now it was left for him to make the decision of either going to music school and become a professional musician fulfilling his parents dreams or playing for the country's national league and the decision lyes in his palms, which would he make, he thought...

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