My unforgettable experience ❤️, I will love to have it again

Hello friends, happy weekend,
Good afternoon everyone, here is my entry for the prompt contest organized
by @theinkwell

Mary will you come for the Christmas celebration today?
Nope dearie, I don't think I can make it this year, my boyfriend and I have a plan for tonight and I can't afford to miss it, maybe tonight might be my lucky night, he might choose to propose today so my dear I can take chances, I am already preparing for this night, physically, spiritually and bodily.


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Haha... Mary you don't mean it, okay oh, wish you best of luck dear.
Few days to Christmas my boyfriend called, cancelling the meeting, I asked him why and the only reason he gave me was that, he was hanging out with the boys to see the fireworks. What? Fireworks! Is fireworks more important than our relationship Emmanuel, I angrily asked, my dear, fireworks is once every eight years on this part of the country and I can't afford to miss it for anything please, he replied. I hanged up on him.


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I called my best friend to tell her what just happened, she was shocked yet very excited about the word "FIREWORKS"
Why are you so excited Victory? I thought you are supposed to be my friend or you want to join my boyfriend in abandoning me for another thing I don't even understand it worth. My dear friend Mary, what do you mean, do you want to tell me that you have never seen a fireworks before?
What do you mean by fireworks? I asked curiously,
Okay, I understand you have never seen one before, well, that was why I invited you out for this year's Christmas celebration because this year there will be fireworks and it happens once in every eight years, so if you want to know more about it come this Friday to the playground around 8pm and please come on time so we can have a good spot for it.


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At this point, my curiosity grew very high because my friend was not telling me what I needed to hear about this new word I learnt from my boyfriend this every "fireworks"
Okay Mary, I understand but please help me out, is this fireworks a person, an object or something I know about so I know what to look out for and how to dress for the occasion. My dear just come out on Friday evening and you will be happy you did.
Just as times flies, soon it was Friday and I couldn't even wait till 8pm so I went there by 6pm, before I even got there, the whole place was crowded so I just stayed at one spot checking my phone every minute to know the time, soon it was 7pm and my friend arrived, located me and took me to a different spot, people were so excited and happy, I just couldn't ask questions again since I was the only odd person in the crowd,I patiently waited.

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At 11pm the crowd started screaming and shouting,"it's going to go down, get ready" and the next thing I heard was counting, one... Two....... And threeeeeeee and immediately all heads were lifted up to the sky, I follow same and what I saw melted my heart, stars of different colours, beautiful and adoring, I started smiling, jumping and even more excited than everyone else.


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For once I forgot my problems and the crowd and it felt as if it was just me exciting in the world,I loved it, I was overwhelmed with joy. After the fireworks was off I didn't want to go home again, I needed more but I was told is once in every eight years.
I missed it, only one year have passed since I saw the fireworks and I wish I can see it again and again and again.

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