Childhood summer:The inkwell fiction writing prompt

It was night time, Sande couldn't wait to join the children on the field as they played on the heap of sand. The moonlight seems to welcome them with a coldness that makes the evening perfect for their varieties of play. "Watch!" They say to each other, amazed at the figure imprinted in the moon, which is believed to be a king and his son. Sande was the only daughter among her 4 siblings, her parents pampered her with love, while her siblings used her as a tool to get favor from their parents.
"We will carry you on our bike if you help us get some extra food". Happily Sande goes to her mum who with no question gives her an extra plate, "eat well and grow fast" her mum will say jokingly.


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On a Sunday evening, Sande waited patiently for sunset to play games with her peers. She peeped through the window and noticed Sarah her friend standing outside. She whispered some sound to notify her she was aware of her presence, quickly she ran outside to join her, leaving her mum in the kitchen.
"Hey, I have a new toy my mum bought for me" Sande said, happy to introduce her toy to her best friend.
Sarah joined her in her joy as they both played on the sand talking about anything new.
"My mum told me we are leaving town tomorrow" Sarah said.
Sande grinned her face.
"We are going to the village and wouldn't return again"
Those words seems to hurt Sande, she knew she was not going to see her friend again, not until probably after a long time.

"I will follow Sarah to their village" Sande told her parents
"No, you can't go with them"
"Because we wouldn't be coming and no one to take care of you there"
It was tough for Sande, she cried all night.
"You'll make a new friend" her mum tried to calm her
"No,it's Sarah I want".

Days passed, Sande played alone in the cold weather. She missed her friend, but it was time to make a new friend, and she knew it wouldn't be someone as Sarah.

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