The inkwellpromp #17 | "Seppuku"


"Protect the King."

One of the guards said when they lost the King to their sights. Kurama, a popular samurai, immediately ran towards the king. He saw the Kind hiding in a post not far from him. He ran as fast as he could. One of the enemy's swords almost hit his shoulder but he immediately kneeled down and slash the enemy.

Not longer than a minute, Kurama arrived in front of the King. All of them felt rest assured because it's Kurama. They know that no one can beat Kurama in battle. He is not just fast but looks elegant when using a sword. He's like a dancer who will dance to avoid all the blades that will strike towards him. He's been called a "slasher" because for an instant the enemy will fall to the ground.

"My apologies, my lord."

Kurama kneeling after he said sorry for making the King endangered.

"Stupid! Careless! I'm the King, you should be with me always."

The king replied and slapped Kurama in the face. Kurama remained kneeling and again said.

"I'm really, really sorry my lord."

The King just turned his back to Kurama and the assassination of the enemies failed. The fellow samurai led by Kurama didn't like what the King said and did.

"What's wrong with the King?"

They asked but Kurama heard them.

"Shut up! Speaking badly to the king will cause you death."

"Yes, sir! Apologies!"

His underlings replied and started following him. They checked the place to make sure no enemies left. After 3 hours of roaming around the place where the King's stay is safe. Immediately, Kurama reports it to the King.

"No need to worry now my lord. We checked all the area and no sign of the enemy anymore."

"Okay, leave!"

"Right away my lord."


That morning, the people in the palace are celebrating. The enemies were defeated and they submitted a paper to surrender. Of course, the one who was being honoured was Kurama. He did heroism to make sure the King would be safe. He should be receiving a plaque of recognition but he was never found in the palace. He doesn't like politics and he decided to stay away from the palace. That day he didn't come to receive the recognition award for heroism.

When Kurama didn't show up, a lot of people were disappointed. They forgot the presence of the king and they decided to leave. The king felt jealous of Kurama because the people loved him very much. The King used that alibi to doubt the loyalty of Kurama in his kingdom.

"Send the strongest guards to capture Kurama. Why didn't he show up on this important day to me? Was he responsible for that day of my assassination?"

The king said to the guards and the samurais.

"But my lord--"

The samurai couldn't believe that Kurama would do it. The King interrupted what the other samurai wanted to tell.


The samurai together with the guard of the King marched towards the small house of Kurama. He's sleeping when he noticed a couple of footsteps on the ground. He readies himself to be in battle because he's thinking it's not normal numbers of steps coming towards his house. He closed the window and got his sword and a dagger. He saw his fellow samurai and the guards from the king. He could tell something is going on but he respects his comrades.

"What's the meaning of this?" He shouted

One of his underlings ran fast towards him and kneels.

"I'm sorry for this sudden arrival, Sir. The king sent us."

Kurama already noticed that the King disliked him already. He's been thinking and suddenly one of the guards running towards him holding a spear to pierce him.

"Waaaahhhh," he shouted while running.

Kurama noticed it and just avoided the spear. He kicked the guard as he turned around in the air. He placed his sword in the neck of the guard and said.

"No need for bloodshed. We are comrades and I respect the decision of the King. Although," he paused.

"I will prove my innocence. I will go to the palace and let me do the seppuku."

All of them are surprised, especially his underlings.

"But sir, you did nothing wrong."

One of his underlings said while the tears of his fellow underlings fell to the ground. They cried because they knew that seppuku is committing suicide by proving you're innocent. Wearing white clothes and cutting the belly from a blade. It's a tradition for the Japanese samurai who accepts death rather than shame.

"It's alright, it has been decided already." He said as he smiled.

His underlings cried because it's the first time they saw Kurama smiling calmly.


They are marching to the capital. When they arrived at the castle. The place where the King used to announce to the people. The rumours spread like a wind about Kurama's seppuku. They are very surprised when the samurai, led by Kurama, wear white clothes as well. The face of the King is frowning because the samurai believe Kurama so much. However, a king's pride will never be taken easily.

"I have never been thinking of betraying you, my lord."

Kurama said to the King. A samurai's honour is to kill himself for his king. He didn't want the King to doubt his loyalty. Doing seppuku is the right way for them to prove their loyalty.

All the samurais look to the king as the blade slowly cuts their bellies. For them, this is the right decision and they have no regrets. Slowly, one by one, the samurais are falling to the ground with no life. The people are crying and shouting because of this. The King just forgot what the people will feel about this.



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