The Ink Well Weekly Fiction Prompt #5: A Matter of Time| "The Proposal"


"The proposal" (Based on a true story)

Our love story began in the year 2011. I was broken at that time and was afraid of loving again. Who wouldn't have when my heart was stolen by a woman who fooled me that she loved me. I didn't want to remember her. I will just focus on the present woman that I'm certain to be with me forever.

The pandemic hurt our feelings so much. We couldn't see each other for more than a year. Many times we attempted to meet but thanks to COVID we failed. Then time after time disappointed ourselves. We ended up forgetting our responsibilities as lovers. We thought our love faded. We thought we were fine to break up.

Fate tested us. I was busy with my friendly stuff and she was busy thinking that her feelings segway to another. This month of January she decided to break up with me knowing that she did a mortal sin towards our relationship. No relationship involved. It's just a feeling that she thought she loved another.


I cried. I sobbed. I thought I would be fine without her.

"Let's break up," she said.

The words hit me hard like a strong wind that flew me away. I couldn't say a word. I was shocked and surprised.

"Our relationship will really end?" In my thoughts, while thinking about our happy memories.

I stopped talking and just prevented myself from not to moan. It's okay to cry I know but my tears were being held by my pride. I turned off the phone to end our conversation. She kept calling while I kept on crying.

"I don't want to end our relationship," I whispered while watching my phone rang by her call.


I went to the shore to be alone. I was hoping that there would be no people around. I felt glad when there was none. I cried so hard. I screamed like I wanted my heart to come out. I felt despair because of the pain.

"Why she's doing this?"

"How could she let our long time relationship just end like this?"

A lot of questions kept coming into my thoughts.

"I couldn't live without out you. Please take your words back in letting me go." I said to myself alone while crying desperately.

A month after she contacted me. She told me what were the reasons for deciding to break up with me. I listened to her as she continued telling me my mistakes and my lapses as a man to her.

"You forgot me because of your friends.
I want to get married but you didn't have any plans. I want to have a baby and I want to have a family. You know how hard I am to get pregnant. I'm 31 years already and I'm still not pregnant. Is there a chance for me to have a baby?"

She said all that she wanted to say. Her tears were falling I know even though I didn't see her. I just assumed from the sound of her gasping words. I love her so much and I blamed myself for everything. I realised how irresponsible I was as her lover. I cried not because of the pain but because of the guilt in me. I was mad at myself for not thinking about what she felt lately. I stayed quiet for a bit to compose the words I wanted to tell based on my feelings.

"I'm very very sorry for the pain I gave to you. I have no job for now. I just managed to finish my studies a year ago. If I will marry you now. I can't promise you an abundance. I have so many mistakes that no words are enough to say it all. But I want you to know just give me a chance and I will prove to you that I have plans but I decided not to spill it for now. Please give me a chance. I love you so much that my love will be the way to make your dreams come true."

There were so many words I wanted to tell but I decided not to. I thought that was the best way to kill the fire.


"I will be there this coming Saturday." She said when we were talking. I was excited and surprised because of it.

Saturday night came and I brought her to the Sanctuary where we first met. She was surprised when my two friends covered her eyes with a handkerchief.

"What is this, Paul?" She asked with fear or I didn't know what she really felt that time.

"Just trust me, Manilyn," I replied.

"Okay, I trust you." She said and then started walking as I held her hand to lead the way.


We stopped walking and I removed the cover in her eyes. My friends started singing and she saw the lighting of the candles surround us. I kneeled down, looked her in the eyes. The song captivated my heart and I suddenly felt emotional. My eyes began teasy as I started telling how I truly felt.

"The previous month was hell for me when you said to break up with me. I realised something during those days. I didn't know if there would be tomorrow without you. I didn't know if there would be happiness without you. I didn't know if there would be a future for me without you. Because all I know is I couldn't live without you."

Her tears were falling as she kept on wiping it. She turned her face to stop herself from crying. I saw her smiling while sobbing. That's the time I was determined to propose to her.

"Is it okay if you will spend your life with me together and forever? Is it okay for you to accept me to continue loving you? The most important of all, "will you marry me?"

She said "YES" and helped me to stand up. She continued crying while hugging each other. I was so happy of course.

"Thank you. I didn't expect it to be like this. I'm so happy because I could tell now how you truly loved me." She said to me and kissed me on the lips.


My friends were cheering. I could tell that they were happy with me as well. Not long ago we decided to go home. While we were walking we talked about when we will get married. We promised to have savings for the expenses of our marriage. We are not rich that we can make it happen right away. I'm just happy that we started to have plans together again.


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