The Ink Well Fiction Prompt #8 - All the way to tomorrow | "Sealing Spell"


"Why am I being cursed?"

Zenard asked himself after trying to kill a monster that came from the forest of Laniac. That forest had been sealed centuries ago because of fearful beings who lived there. They were a threat to the human race because they considered the human being as their food. Thanks to the ancestors of Zenard who sealed the path in going outside from the forest. But years and years passed the seal weakened. Slowly the monsters from that forest can go outside and start hunting the humans.

Zenard knows as a magical warrior couldn't do anything. He lost his power and he's wondering why. There's nothing he could do but run and hide. He ate his pride and decided to find a way how to deal with it. But before it, he's on the road going to "that" tree. In that tree, the diary of their ancestors hidden there.

As soon as he arrived he's digging the land near that tree. He doesn't have power anymore so he has no choice but to work on it.

10 m from above by digging. He found, at last, the diary that was being hidden centuries ago. It was covered with dust but the book doesn't look old. He started reading it to learn more about it.

The reading continues and finally, he found what he was looking for.

"To you my grandchildren in the future. Please forgive me in advance. When I successfully sealed the road from the forest. I was being cursed with a stronger monster. I had no chance to avoid it because I became weaker in sealing it."

"If ever your power will be lost. You must understand, that monster who cursed me is alive in that case. But you can still have a choice of what to do. I'm sorry it will not be easy. Fighting the one who cursed without power is like submitting yourself into a place full of power. He's one of the strongest and never forgets you don't have power now."

Of course, Zenard began to feel worried because of it. He's wondering how to defeat that monster. After reading he saw the face of a monster on the next page. He got an idea that maybe this is the monster he needs to defeat.


"I must hurry."

He said to himself after hearing the screaming from many people. The howling agony from the children's cry. He refrains himself from engaging those monsters even though he's so desperate to fight. Reserving his full strength to have his power back is what is on his mind now.

It's not easy to sneak into the forest full of monsters. But he managed to arrive in the forest of Laniac. He thought that the best idea to find that monster would be in their place. He used a spell to avoid the smell of a human while keeps on hiding. He's waiting and waiting until he finally found that monster.

"There you are," He said.

When he tries to surprise that monster. A lot of monsters came out.

"Not a good idea to fight him now," he's thinking.

He spent days watching over that monster. He's not easy to be seen because he used some spell to hide his scent from the monster. He can not attack that monster with so many monsters around. Not just too much for him but he needs to do something if he might kill that monster.

There's no one he can rely on fighting this kind of monster. The era of the new generation doesn't give a damn about these things because they're too focused on having a virtual world. They are busy with technology to make life easier. That's why some of them forgot how to use their gift and because they thought that monsters are not true.

He breathes heavily after following that monster for 1 week and no enough food to eat. That monster heard him breathing and became cautious.

He covered his mouth to prevent louder breathing. He feels nervous as he knows how's his condition at the moment. He knows that he can't fight that monster head-on. No other monsters around but it's not easy for him to move because that monster is listening to the sound of the surrounding.

That monster keeps on jumping on trees so fast. He couldn't follow because of its speed. He remains hiding while waiting for an opportunity to strike. He has a knife that he got from the diary of his ancestors. It contains a strong spell that by just one hit in a fatal area will be so sure of death. But how he can use the knife if he can't follow the movement of that monster.

"This is the only way," he said.

He showed himself in an open area where that monster can easily see him. When he showed himself and before he knew it, the monster strikes his neck. Fortunately or accidentally he fell and his arm was the one who was bitten. When he feels the bite he immediately stabs the monster in the neck.

The monster let him go but he fell to the ground wounded. Blood painted the ground and he's catching his breath. Thankfully, the monster died first and he got his power back. Immediately he healed himself with some spells that can only be obtained with magic.


Zenard got his composure back. He has his power now and immediately did an incantation to seal the road of the monsters again. He hides under that dead body of a monster to fool the monsters that are coming towards that seal of light.


He shouts and the seal takes effect. The monsters outside the forest are being pulled. They are going back from that forest again because the seal disallows them to live outside the forest. After sealing it successfully. Zenard takes a rest first to regain his strength. There's nothing to worry about after all.

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