The Ink Well Fiction Prompt #10 - Three Words | "Rainbow"

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I found myself smiling at the window while watching those kids playing.

"So you are just here again Frank. Do you really love watching those children playing? Why don't you go and join them instead of keep on watching here?"

"No mother, I'm fine here."

I smiled at her because I loved to sit in the lap of my mother more. I was 5 years old back then I was mama's boy. Well, she couldn't blame me since she spoiled me so much. I loved my mother so much and she loved me too. My father as well but he was busy with his job. My mother gave her best to fill the absence of a father-love from me. That's why I was not a bad kid because my mother disciplined me.

We went on a journey with my parents. We decided to go to Boracay which is very popular here in the Philippines. The white sand, the crystal clear sea, and the clean environment. It was not an expensive beach but we experienced it like we were heaven. It was so pretty and a peaceful place. Since I was just a child I didn't know how to explain what I felt when I was there. All I felt was happiness and joy with my father and mother.

I was 10 years old at that time and it was Christmas Eve. My father was nice even though he was always busy at work. He brought a newly born baby when he was going home. According to him, he picked that baby child because it was on beside the trash can crying. He felt pity for that poor child so he brought it home.

The voice of that child was so disturbing. I didn't know why his voice was so loud and strong. It's not that I hate the child. I only thought bad about that child. I thought he was not normal or not an ordinary one.

"Okay, let's eat first before we search for the parents of this child."

My mother said and my father replied, "That's a good idea."


We started eating while that child was at the table. He was covered with a pillow and clothes. I was going to pick the bacon which was my favorite food. All of a sudden, the thunder clapped and the roof was destroyed. Together with it, a giant man on the roof showed up. When I searched for my parents they were dead because the roof fell on them.

I was speechless while my tears kept on pouring. My parents died and I didn't know what to do with that giant man. I was trembling with tears as I nodded my head. The giant man looked towards me.


"Frank…. Wake up."

It was a dream about what happened years ago when I was a child. I woke up with tears in my eyes. I thought I couldn't live my life being alone. I was thinking of giving up while sitting on that window alone.

I was thankful for my fairy friend that showed me the rainbow after that storm. He was the one who saved me when that giant man was looking for his child. That fairy used some magic spell to hide me. I was afraid of him of course but because he saved me I trusted him.


Every day he checked me sitting on that window. He was so afraid that I cried desperately because I was alone and there was a storm. When the morning came he used a magic spell to make me go out with that window and showed me the beauty of the world.

"I have no plans to heal that pain of yours. I don't know how to do it. It's hard for me to understand what you are feeling right now. But I just want you to know that even the world will be nothing but darkness. A bright light will become so brighter because of that dark."

"Someday you will find that happiness again. Don't be hasty and just let loose. Cry out loud and make sure to express all the pain you're carrying."

He said to me as I kept my eyes flooded with tears. That's a hell of a cry that I did.



After that day I decided to move on and slowly caught my pace. I joined the other children who were playing that I used to watch only before. Time flies and we were like siblings because of the way we treated each other. I slowly forgot the pain with my parents and I have my own family now. The longing for a family that I felt before is now being filled already. We are so happy each day while having the company with my neighbors and some fairies that became friends with the community.



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