White Nifty Giant - The Ink Well #49 Prompt (By The Light Of The Moon)

David Skyrius

With the shimmer of the bright red blood moon, the white giant stepped into the barely lit compound. Although, he was as nifty as a cat, his steps resounded in his ears and beads of sweat dropped down his nape.
Damian is trying this for the very first time in his entire life. He just celebrated his fortieth birthday with nothing to show for.
The piercing howl of the dogs filled the atmosphere, even though it was a hot night, in the mid-summer, he shivered in fear.
The fact that he had never been to an armed robbery operation was an ideal damper but he had to do it just to survive.

As he crept into the hallway of the gigantic castle, looking for the art piece that would have made him the artist of the century other than Michael Angelo. Unknown to him, a secret admirer of his landscape painted had secretly put a cheque reward of twenty million dollars in the frame of his work, with a short note on how to detach the cheque.

Damian was too blind to have seen the note not until after the launching of his art piece.
Several attempt to recover the art piece had proved abortive until when he went to work as a mason in this castle a month ago.
His crew on this mission had been stationed at different strategic location waiting for the next move but Damian was nowhere to be found.

His love for television had caught him again. As he walked into the large living room where the art work is hung carelessly, he got attracted to the woman in yellow dress on the news. His attention was arrested when the anchor lady began on the breaking news

Breaking news


A thirteen years old girl was found in the outer space when the latest NASA launch landed in mars. She had entered the spaceship as a stowaway. Elsa, who had missed her father's presence at home for an umpteenth time, would rather sneak into his haversack and when the ship moved she was moved along.

What a world! Damian thought, hysterically.
This little girl has become the first teenager to travel to the outer space.

While he was still there watching, the oldest house help came to the living room from her quarters to switch off the wall thermometer and found Damian a ring away in deep sleep.

She she made to scream, Damian jumped on her, closed her mouth with the table mat and whisked her away into the nearby laundry and asked her not to make any dangerous move.

This is a classical robbery for the red blood moon night. One more step and you are cursed to become a tree.

Old Monica laid there dumb.

Carefully, Damian returned to the living room and detached hisong lost artwork. The only one thing that can turn his tide around. He held on to it tightly and marched out of the compound with his big shadow ahead of him.

Into the wood he ran, forgetting the initial plan that he had drawn with his friends who laid a drive outside the perimeters of the castle.

What could be more folly than for Kenny, Zach and Bloomie to remain there laying a siege till daybreak.

The siren of the community cops blast into their ears as Zach woke up from his hiring place to realize it is more ing already. The red blooded moon had traveled to the earth crust.

As he tiptoed from the distance, he found blooming and Kenny few steps ahead of him.
With a whisper, he called out to them. That was the beginning of the end of their intended robbery.

Nothing Ahead

The police had already started combing the streets looking for the invader who stuck the table mat in the mouth of old Monica. The artwork was not of importance because it had no real value in their sight. Since there was nobody in sight, the police retreated to base.

Damian had already settled at home. He had carefully removed the cheque and absconded from Louisiana to Ghana where he started a new life, leaving nothing for his other three friends.

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