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Every April, the church of the Lord with its headquarters in Rivers organises a public. c c crusade with the intention to disciple converts and make good citizens while following the doctrine of the Holy Book.

When the founder of the ministry, Apostle Johnson was old, his sight was growing dim, he decided to get a young faithful man to take over the baton from him. According to Johnson, no one fit into the shoes and as such the search for a replacement continued.

The crusade that was organised in April 1994 was quite successful. The preacher hammered in the need for the cardinal points of living a good life free of deception and sinfulness.
Joel Dunamis was present at the crusade ground. He was a chronic womaniser, a drunk and a cultist. When the invited minister was preaching and talking about the kind of people that would inherit hell, Joel was convicted of his many sins. It was there at the crusade ground that he surrendered his life.

This stance was a surprise to many who heard it. The hardened Joel Dunamis, a convert? That's what you'd hear many asking.

For the young Joel, what matters most to him now is that he doesn't want to inherit hell. Hence, he kept to all the ordinances that pertain to his newly found faith.

He sharply dropped all the attitude.of womanising, drinking to stupor and whatnot. Some of the ladies he had engaged were surprised that their one time man is now a regenerated being.

In a matter of a few months, the talk about his conversion had subsided. But for Joel, he was starting a new chapter of his life which he had to do faithfully.

One of the services held in the place of worship, Joel voluntarily joined the workforce of the church. It was a non paying workforce. They were walking for the Most High who will reward those who diligently seek him.

Apostle Johnson at first did not notice the fervency of Joel. He was just concentrating on the desire to go to heaven.

For him to begin to minister, he had to go through a class session where teaching about God's kingdom will be taught. Many other young people were having the same kind of but ing desire in them too. So, Apostle Johnson made a roster for the teaching and the class session began earnestly.

The first day of the teaching, the people were taught New Life. It is a teaching that Joel and other people who attended will not forget in a hurry.

Attributes of the old life are easily seen in the living pattern of men today. Filthy language, anger, wrath, slander, hypocrisy, adultery, fornication and lying tongues. Whereas the new life differs from old in that it contains attributes like humility, soberness, forgiving, charity, love, kindness, gentleness……..

This pinched Joel in the marrow. That night he slept on the couch after having dinner. Then a voice spoke directly to his ears:

Joel, you need to know that you are on a journey that will lead to eternity.

Then a man appeared, leading Joel on a curved path that leads nowhere in particular. A little distance forward, the man in white apparel took Joel to a garden-like place. And showed him several candle sticks and said to him:

Son, look and behold all these candlesticks. They represent the life of men.

The candlestick that is lit and burning is an indication that the man is walking on a path of righteousness before his maker.

Joel was concentrating but he noticed that the man had referred to him as a son. Joel then said to the man in white robe:

Sir, you just called me son. And I have not met you until now.

The strange man laughed hysterically and turned to Joel.

My son, you have just been translated into a son of light. You will get to see more of me if you keep to my word. I am your guiding angel, I will lead you to all truths.

Now, Joel was beginning to feel somehow. His mind started feeling physical like this man is on the verge of kidnapping him but he followed.
The old man asked Joel to come closer to him, as Joel walked closer, a heavy beam of light shone and covered his eyes, this made Joel wonder what kind of journey he is embarking on with an unknown fellow.

Whereas, on the couch, he was beginning to feel cold as the windows to his apartment were all opened and the wind was blowing seriously.

Charles Parker

At that instance, Joel told the man in the white apparel:

I have to go back now.

The man turned and looked at him and said:

Anyone who puts his hands in the plough and looks back is not fit for the kingdom.

He walked across the garden as Joel followed in a safe distance until they came to a very wide road with a lot of people walking towards the road that had no end.

Then everyone got to a crossroad and we're confused.

On the right, only men who had an emblem of the attribute of the New Life we're qualified to walk that very narrow path.

On the left-hand side of the crossroad are the indications of the Old nature.

It is now clearer to Joel what the man in the white apparel was all about.

After the scene of the crossroad, as Joel was contemplating which way to go, he looked around to find the old man, but he was gone.

A loud bang on the door woke Joel from sleep. He couldn't believe he passed the night on the couch.

Joel walked to see who was at the door. It was Hannabel, one of the many girls that he had entangled with when he was far gone in the old ways. He couldn't look at her twice,

Hannabel, please go back. All things have become new.

He banged the door at his guest as he went down on his knee to have his morning devotion session.

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