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Harmattan is a close call to remembering that December is approaching. A season of sharing love and gifts. For the Emenikes, it is a time to come back home to their home country to bond and re-strategize for a productive life in the coming year.

Uche, his wife, and two kids were the first to return home. It took them the right hours of continuous driving to arrive from Lagos. On the evening they arrived, there was not much that could be done because Amara, Uche's wife was tired. She only made tea and bread for the family and they slept till the next morning.

In the morning of the next day, everyone woke up hale and hearty, ready to explore every nook and cranny of the village but hunger to head them down. Amara had to arrange a village breakfast of yam pepper soup with bush meat for the family. It's been a long they had that kind of a meal for breakfast. Uche, in the company of his two kids, Uti and Madu, went out to the village stream in the hill of Amuzu where they washed the car and had some swimming before returning home.

He drove the car slowly through the narrow path back home. To their surprise, the house is bubbling with music. Ogbuagu and his family are back home from Abuja. While they were still jubilating, Chima arrived with a lady, Chioma whom he introduced as his fiance. The whole house is getting noisy with children running from pillar to pole playing the hide and seek game.

Amara was eager to find out more about their would-be newest wife, Chioma.

Nne, where are you from?

Chioma replied:

Am from Amanta but I live and work at Port Harcourt.

Wow. That's not far from here. We are glad to have you around. Are you also an engineer like Chima? Amara inquired further.

I am a chef. I prepare continental and local dishes for expatriates in the onshore exploration.
That seems a very big job, Amara said.

Anyways, this is our routine every December. This year, we would sure incorporate you into our food preparation for the family reunion.

That night, a local soup was prepared by Chioma. It was a finger-licking delicacy as everyone demanded more. What do you expect, when a chef handles your cooking, the difference is clear.

Taking a closer look at Chioma, Uche figured she knew her somewhere but couldn't place it.

You look like someone in the news a few years ago.

The lady that was rescued from the building collapse.

Chioma continued telling the details of the incident She had come to present her budget for the month to the head of personnel in the construction site when part of the building collapsed and some masons were trapped under the building. Chioma happened to be one of them She was so thankful to God that she did end her life in the accident.

Five days to Christmas and the family reunion feast, a lot of preparation was already on top gear. Life turkey, broiler chicken, and a goat had been purchased for the party. New lighting and fittings were equally bought to replace the old ones. A new Christmas tree was placed strategically in the large living room.

Since the central power supply station hadn't been functioning, they bought a brand new power generating set to supply electricity for the once in a blue Moon family reunion feast.

Despite the story of the building collapse, Uche still felt there was something about Chioma that she hadn't revealed.

Since she came home and told Amara that she is a chef, Chioma had become the goddess in charge of the kitchen. Other ladies will just observe as she prepares the meals. They learned new culinary skills though.

Only Amaechi and his family were yet to arrive. They will be flying in from the United Kingdom three days before Christmas. Everything was set for the celebrations. When Amaechi and his wife Flora Nwakpa got home, the jubilation went higher than it had been. Their three children were speaking through the nose (that's now people from abroad were referred to back home). Joy, Jerry, and Joe were very glad to be at their county home again. The fun with other kids, their cousins, nephews, and nieces is always a good memory.

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All set for the celebrations. All four ladies entered the kitchen to show their skill as all the cooking can't be left in the hands of the would-be wife of Chima. So, Amara is to bake the cake and prepare the chicken pepperoni, Flora Nwakpa is to make fried rice with green pepper sauce, Chioma opted for the local dish of Goat meat bitter leaf soup and cassava flakes to go. Ogbuagu's wife, Isioma, who had always stayed away from the kitchen had no choice but to take part in the food preparation, she made the goat meat barbeque.

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After the discussion for the next year and their experiences in the out-going year, food was served. There was much to eat and drink. Everything prepared was mouth-watering to the eyes, except the barbeque that got severely burnt, the handiwork of Isioma.

The family feast continued through the Christmas night as everyone devoured the different delicacies presented on the table than Isioma's black goat meat barbeque. No one complained but she learned a lesson of her life never to take a back seat when people are connecting and aligning to learn new trends.


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