Don't Call Your Friend's Name | The Halloween Story

This year's Halloween night, three friends Richard, Dennis, and Clark, chose to take something extreme. The three teenagers intend to visit an old mansion on the outskirts of the city which is famous for being haunted.

All plans have been set. First they would gather at Clark's house, and from there they would leave in Clark's father's car. It just so happened that both of Clark's parents were out of town, so they were free to use the car whenever they wanted.

The location of old house is quite far from the city center. The house is on the outskirts, close to a pine forest area, which takes about 50 minutes more to get there.

The three friends were already on the road, past people in unique clothes who were passing by in the city center. Everyone is enjoying Halloween night.

In addition to several fences of residents' houses decorated with horror-themed ornaments, and lights in gloomy and dark colors, the small town center has been turned into a centerpiece for a festive Halloween parade.

A Jack-o'-lantern pumpkin light hung over the junction sign, grinning at everyone. An entertainment agency in the city specifically set up a stage on the main square that would be filled with local gothic bands.

"Hey, take a look at that one!" Richard exclaimed, pointing to a little girl walking on the sidewalk dressed like a doll in a thriller.

"Ha-ha-ha, that's a doll in the Squid Game movie," said Dennis.

"—trick-or-treat, idiot!!!" they shouted at the same time to the little girl when the car that was being driven by Clark passed by.

"Ha-ha-ha! they laughed at the same time.


The car began to enter the deserted streets, a sign that they were no longer in the city. In a little while, they will arrive at the big house they want to go to

"Now you can record," Clark said to Dennis.

Dennis immediately took out his smartphone.

"Hey, hey, Richie—, let's say something!" Dennis asked Richard.

"—oh, okay—" Richard immediately changed his seat.

"—hey, —hello everyone—, it's Halloween tonight, and we're—, wait, it's too bright, bro, dim a little bit," Richard interrupted.

"—Is that so?" Dennis adjusted the lighting of the camera light that was shining on Richard's face.

"Enough, enough, —okay. Hey, whats up everyone—, tonight is Halloween, we will give something different for this Halloween night, we are going to an old haunted house. Follow our journey. Don't forget to subscribe our channel, okay!—" after Richard spoke, Dennis immediately through the car window, then, the camera's focus shifted to recording rows of pine trees sitting in the dark.


The car turned into a path filled with gravel so that the vehicle slowed down a bit, until it stopped right in front of the fence of a large house in the middle of a pine forest.

"—say something," Dennis asked, pointing the camera at Richard.

"—wait, bro, oh my god, look, take a look at that house," Richard lifted his head through the car window to see the big house that was now in front of them.

"—why are you scared? You coward—" sneered Clark, who had just gotten out of the car, "come on," he said again.

"—damn you, you," Richard was annoyed. He immediately came down after Clark, while Dennis, who was holding the camera, followed behind them.

The three teenagers are now right at the gate of the house. As Clark prepared to push the old, rusty metal doorknob, he cautioned his two friends.

"Remember, we're going with a fixed formation. I'm in front, Richard is behind me, and you is at the back. If positions change, you has to record from the front, Richard stays in the middle, agree?" asked Clark.

"Okay!!" said his two friends.

Clark pushed the door slowly. The creaking sound of the rusty hinges pierced the eardrums.

"Say something, Richie—" said Dennis.

"—oh, okay. Guys, now we're at the door of the house we were referring to. We'll be going around to have a look—, the fun's about to begin!" the camera began to highlight the yard of the house which is almost half the size of a football field.

In the darkness, the flashlight from the smartphone camera held by Dennis caught some of the statues that were there.

Dennis suddenly grabbed Richard's arm, "damn, that statue looks like it's looking at me, Richie."

"—hey, what the hell? Richard felt annoyed to be suddenly pulled like that.

"—that statue, Richie, you see?" camera light shines on the head of the statue in the form of a girl.

"Ah, what the heck, keep going, Clark is far away from us," Richard quickened his pace a bit.

"—hey, wait for me!" suddenly Clark shouted at there.

Richard stopped in his tracks. He turned to Dennis.

"Who was Clark talking to?" asked Richard.

Dennis shook his head.

This time Richard quickened his pace and ran a little after Clark who had disappeared in the distance.

"Hey, Clark, wait for me!" shouted Richard.

"Hey, stupid Richie, wait for me!" Dennis was annoyed to be left alone.

"Hey, wait for me," suddenly a hand grabbed Dennis' shoulder. What the..., his heart seemed to have stopped beating. His heart did not have time to ask whose hand and voice it was.

He immediately ran as hard as he could, however, the hand immediately grabbed and blocked him so that he slipped and fell.

"Hey idiot! Why are you running, it's me," Richard patted Dennis on the cheek.

"Richie?!" Dennis immediately dispelled the camera light shining on his face.

"—why are you like a possessed?" asked Richard as he held out his hand to his friend who had just fallen.

"—but," Dennis seemed confused.

"—but what?" said Richard.

"—but—, where's Clark?" Dennis asked Richard as he looked around the courtyard of the mansion.

"Are you all right, my friend?" suddenly heard Clark speak.

"—is that you, Clark?" asked Dennis with a slightly relieved heart.

"Yeah, of course it's me. What's wrong with you?" Clark is now embracing Dennis's shoulder who is now in a standing position in the middle of his two friends.

According to Dennis, this is weird. What just happened. Earlier he had seen for himself how Richard was chasing Clark who was running away from them.

"Come on, let's end this adventure. Let's go home. Your feet aren't scratched, are they?" Richard felt Dennis' knee, while patting the sticky dust there when Dennis fell earlier.

"—I'm all right," said Dennis, but with a thousand of question on his face.

"Yeah, I think so. Let's get going. Things are starting to feel weird," Clark accepted Richard's offer to leave, canceling their desire to record the atmosphere in the house.

They had arrived in front of Clark's car, until Dennis realized something.

"Clark—" Dennis had to confirm his suspicions even though he desperately hoped that the oddball in his head turned out to be wrong.

"Yes?" meanwhile, Clark had started his car.

"What is my name?" asked Dennis.

Clark suddenly stopped starting the car. The atmosphere was quiet for a moment. Dennis immediately looked at the two friends alternately, but everything soon seemed pitch black, until he found himself awake alone in Clark's car in the morning. He immediately opened the car door.

Dennis now right in front of the house they had come to last night. The atmosphere in the place seemed not at all haunted and even tended to be fresh because it was filled with the atmosphere of green pine trees, while the morning dew seemed to fill the grass that surrounded the place, but where were Clark and Richard?

Note: there is a belief that if you visit a haunted house, then never mention the names of your friends there, or the residents of the house will make them new family members in that place.



Illustrations are copyright ArtTower the author has edited them using Logopit Plus.

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Malam Halloween tahun ini, tiga sekawan Richard, Dennis, dan Clark, memilih untuk melakukan sesuatu yang ekstrem. Ketiga remaja itu berniat mendatangi sebuah rumah besar tua di pinggir kota yang terkenal angker.

Semua rencana telah ditetapkan. Terlebih dahulu mereka akan berkumpul di rumah Clark, dan dari sana mereka akan pergi dengan mobil milik ayah Clark. Kebetulan kedua orang tua Clark sedang berada di luar kota, jadi mereka bebas memakai mobil tersebut kapan saja mereka mau.

Letak rumah tua tujuan mereka lumayan jauh dari pusat kota. Rumah tersebut berada di pinggiran, dekat dengan kawasan hutan pinus, yang memakan jarak tempuh sekitar 50 menit lebih untuk sampai ke sana.

Tiga sekawan itu telah berada di jalan, melewati orang-orang berpakaian unik yang tengah lalu-lalang di pusat kota. Semuanya sedang menikmati malam Halllowen.

Selain beberapa pagar rumah penduduk yang didekorasi oleh berbagai hiasan bertema horor, serta lampu dengan warna-warna suram dan kelam, pusat kota kecil itu telah diubah jadi sebuah sentral parade Hallowen yang meriah.

Lampu labu Jack-o'-lantern terpampang di atas tugu persimpangan, menyeringai kepada setiap pengendara. Sebuah agensi hiburan di kota secara khusus mendirikan panggung di lapangan utama yang akan diisi oleh band lokal bergenre gotik.

"Hei, coba lihat yang satu itu!" Richard berseru, menunjuk seorang gadis kecil yang tengah berjalan di atas trotoar mengenakan pakaian mirip seperti boneka dalam sebuah film thriller.

"Ha-ha-ha, itu boneka dalam film Squid Game," ujar Dennys.

"—trick-or-treat, idiot!!!" mereka pun berteriak bersamaan kepada gadis kecil tersebut ketika mobil yang sedang dibawa oleh Clark melewatinya.

"Ha-ha-ha! mereka tertawa secara bersamaan.


Mobil mulai memasuki jalanan yang sepi, pertanda bahwa mereka sudah tidak lagi berada di kota. Sebentar lagi, mereka akan tiba di rumah besar yang ingin dituju

"Sekarang kau sudah boleh merekam," ujar Clark kepada Dennis.

Dennis pun segera mengeluarkan telepon pintarnya.

"Hei, hei, Richie—, ayo katakan sesuatu!" pinta Dennis kepada Richard.

"—oh, oke—" Richard pun segera mengubah posisi duduknya.

"—hei, —halo semuanya—, malam ini adalah Halloween, dan kami—, tunggu, terlalu silau, teman, redupkan sedikit cahayanya," Richard menyela.

"—begini?" Dennis menyetel pencahayaan lampu kamera yang sedang menyorot wajah Richard.

"Cukup, cukup, —oke. Hei, whats up semuanya—, malam ini adalah Halloween, kami bertiga akan memberi sesuatu yang berbeda untuk malam Hallowen ini, kami akan menuju ke sebuah rumah tua angker. Ikuti terus perjalanan kami. Jangan lupa subscribe channel ini, oke!—"setelah Richard berbicara, Dennis segera meloloskan tubuhnya melalui jendela mobil yang sejak tadi terbuka, lantas, sorotan kamera pun berganti merekam barisan pohon pinus yang berdiam di dalam kegelapan.

Mobil pun berbelok ke sebuah jalan setapak yang dipenuhi oleh batu kerikil sehingga kendaraan berjalan sedikit melambat, sampai berhenti tepat di depan pagar sebuah rumah besar yang berada di tengah-tengah hutan pinus.

"—katakan sesuatu," pinta Dennis sambil mengarahkan kamera kepada Richard.

"—tunggu, teman, coba kau lihatlah rumah itu," Richard mendongakkan kepalanya melalui jendela mobil, melihat rumah besar yang kini telah ada di depan mereka.

"—kenapa, kau takut? Dasar pengecut," ledek Clark, yang baru saja keluar dari mobil, "ayo," ajaknya.

"—sialan, kau," Richard kesal. Ia segera turun menyusul Clark, sementara Dennis yang sedang memegang kamera mengikuti mereka di belakang.

Ketiga remaja itu kini berada tepat di pintu gerbang rumah tersebut. Saat Clark bersiap mendorong gagang pintu besi yang tua dan karatan itu, ia mewanti-wanti kedua temannya.

"Ingat, kita berjalan dengan formasi tetap. Aku di depan, Richard di belakangku, dan kau paling belakang. Jika posisi berganti, kau harus merekam dari depan, Richard tetap berada di tengah, setuju. Posisi ini tidak boleh berupa, apapun yang terjadi?" tanya Clark.

"Oke!" sahut kedua temannya.

Clark mendorong pintu tersebut secara perlahan. Suara berderit dari engsel yang karatan pun terdengar menyayat gendang telinga.

"Ucapkan sesuatu, Richie," pinta Dennis.

"—oh, oke. Teman-teman, kini kami sudah berada di pintu rumah yang kami maksud. Kami akan berkeliling untuk melihat-lihat—, keseruan akan segera dimulai!" kamera pun mulai menyoroti pekarangan rumah yang ukurannya hampir setengah lapangan sepak bola itu.

Di dalam kegelapan, sorotan senter dari kamera telepon pintar yang dipegang oleh Dennis menangkap beberapa patung yang ada di sana.

Dennis tiba-tiba menarik lengan Richard, "sialan, patung itu seperti sedang melihatku, Richie."

"—hei, apa-apaan? Richard merasa kesal tiba-tiba ditarik begitu.

"—patung itu, Richie, kau lihat?" cahaya lampu kamera menyorot ke kepala patung berwujud seorang anak perempuan tersebut.

"Ah, kau, ada-ada saja, tetap jalan, Clark sudah jauh meninggalkan kita," Richard agak mempercepat langkahnya.

"—hei, tunggu aku!" tiba-tiba terdengar Clark berteriak.

Richard menghentikan langkahnya. Ia berbalik kepada Dennis.

"Clark bicara kepada siapa tadi?" tanya Richard.

Dennis menggeleng.

Kali ini Richard mempercepat langkahnya dan sedikit berlari menyusul Clark yang sudah menghilang di kejauhan sana.

"Hei, Clark, tunggu aku!" teriak Richard.

"Hei, Richie bodoh, tunggu aku!" Dennis merasa kesal ditinggalkan begitu saja.

"Hei, tunggu aku," tiba-tiba sebuah tangan meraih bahu Dennis. Jantungnya terasa berhenti berdetak. Hatinya tidak sempat bertanya tangan dan suara siapa itu.

Ia segera berlari sekuat tenaga, tetapi, tangan itu segera meraih dan menghalanginya sehingga ia terpeleset jatuh.

"Hei, idiot! Mengapa kau berlari, ini aku," Richard menepuk-nepuk pipi Dennis.

"Richie?!" Dennis segera menghalau cahaya lampu kamera yang menyorot wajahnya.

"—mengapa kau seperti orang kesetanan begitu?" tanya Richard sembari menyodorkan tangan kepada temannya yang baru saja terjatuh itu.

—tapi," Dennis seperti orang yang kebingungan.

"—apa, tapi apa? Kau kenapa, sih? Jangan bikin orang takut begitu," ujar Richard.

"—baru saja, aku—, Clark mana?" Dennis bertanya kepada Richard sembari melihat ke sekeliling pekarangan rumah besar tersebut.

"Kau tidak apa-apa, teman?" tiba-tiba terdengar Clark berbicara.

"—kaukah itu, Clark?" tanya Dennis dengan hati yang sedikit lega.

"Iya, tentu saja ini aku. Kau kenapa?" Clark kini merangkul bahu Dennis yang kini sudah dalam posisi berdiri di tengah kedua temannya.

Menurut Dennis, ini aneh. Apa yang baru saja terjadi. Tadi ia melihat sendiri bagaimana Richard mengejar Clark yang tengah berlari meninggalkan mereka.

"Sudahlah, kita akhiri petualangan ini. Ayo kita pulang. Kakimu tidak lecet, kan?" Richard meraba lutut Dennis, sembari menepuk-nepuk debu yang lengket di sana saat Dennis terjatuh tadi.

"—aku tidak apa-apa," sahut Dennis, tetapi dengan wajah yang masih dipenuhi tanda tanya.

"Ya, aku rasa juga begitu. Mari kita beranjak. Segalanya mulai terasa aneh," Clark menyambut tawaran Richard untuk pergi dari tempat itu, membatalkan keinginan mereka untuk merekam suasana yang ada rumah tersebut.

Mereka telah tiba di depan mobil milik Clark, sampai Dennis menyadari sesuatu.

"Clark," Dennis harus memastikan kecurigaannya walaupun ia sangat berharap bahwa kejanggalan yang ada di dalam kepalanya itu ternyata salah.

"Ya?" sementara itu, Clark telah menghidupkan starter mobilnya.

"Siapa namaku?" tanya Dennis.

Tiba-tiba Clark berhenti menstarter mobil. Suasana pun hening seketika. Dennis langsung menatap kedua temannya itu secara bergantian, tetapi segalanya segera tampak gelap gulita, sampai keesokan paginya ia menemukan dirinya terbangun sendirian di dalam mobil milik Clark. Ia pun segera membuka pintu mobil.

Dennis kini berada tepat di depan rumah yang mereka datangi tadi malam. Saat pagi, suasana di tempat itu terkesan tidak angker sama sekali bahkan cenderung segar karena dipenuhi oleh suasana pohon pinus yang hijau, sementara embun pagi tampak memenuhi rerumputan yang mengelilingi tempat itu, tetapi di mana Clark dan Richard?

Note: ada kepercayaan bahwa jika kalian berkunjung ke rumah angker, maka jangan pernah sebutkan nama temanmu di sana, atau penghuni rumah tersebut akan menjadikan mereka sebagai anggota keluarga baru di tempat itu.



Illustrations are copyright ArtTower the author has edited them using Logopit Plus.

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