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Too Nice.



Mary was a beautiful and very cheerful young woman who loved everyone around her. She was also loved by everyone around her only that she had one problem. She was too cheerful and unable to say no. She never got angry or said no. She always played along. Growing up her parents tried their best to teach her that it was sometimes okay to say no, but all their efforts proved worthless.

One day while she walked home from the farm, she stumbled on a weird looking calabash along the forest path. It had charms around it and it spoke to her. It begged her to pick it up and take it into the village, where it would then be free. It spoke in an evil tone and Mary felt so scared. She contemplated leaving the calabash behind but she just couldn't. "What if someone was trapped in there, she thought." she threw her fears away and carried it, as she walked slowly into the village. As she kept on walking the shape of the calabash kept on changing. But she just couldn't drop it.

She was a few steps to the village square, the exact spot the calabash asked to be dropped when Mary suddenly encountered the village herbalist. He was so shocked when he saw what Mary had in her hands. He screamed at her, saying she had doomed them all. Mary had ignorantly brought the forbidden calabash into the village.

At that moment an ugly looking monster the size of a house emerged out of the calabash. It had teeths so sharp and ugly, fangs long and scary . It made horrible sounds as it destroyed the village.

Mary had doomed her people, just because she was too nice.

The End..


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