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Calvin was a 20 year old South Korean living in Canada. He was born there, and he had lived there all through his life.

His parents Mr and Mrs chiing had moved to Canada 30 years ago, in search of greener pastures. They where the last of the chiing family.

Mr and Mrs chiing owned a supermarket, where they sold different goods to traveller's, this made both parents so busy and engaged.

Calvin graduated from high school early so he enrolled for the state local college and was accepted on time.

Growing up he always fancied the idea of becoming a pro hockey player, but because of his size and looks he was never accepted into the college squad.



Calvin was a grade A student but he was one never interested in academics, he felt it was a waste of time. He was determined to pursue his dreams of becoming a pro hockey player no matter the cost.

He enjoyed the trill of the game.

Now 20 years of age he had tried out for the team 6 times, he wasn't about to quit . Calvin applied for the last time in his finals and yet again he was rejected. It felt like a hopeless situation until that sad evening.

He strolled back to his hostel that evening feeling worthless, he thought about his continuous failure and his insatiable desire to get into the hockey team. "He had to find a way" he thought. He even spoke to his mother about it on phone, but she discouraged him, saying it was probably not his calling.

Calvin was a few steps away from the gate of his hostel when he saw a poster, it read " AMAZON'S FEMALE HOCKEY TEAM.. RECRUITING PLAYERS.. !". It felt stupid but Calvin was convinced he had a plan.

His plan was to dress up like a girl and attend the female try outs, he was that desperate.



It would be an easy task for him because of his girly structure and features, a gene he got from his mother.

The try outs was scheduled to happen in a week's time, Calvin would have to dress up and make up perfectly, in other not to blow his cover.

He woke up the morning of the try outs feeling scared and skeptical, he thought about his plan over and over again, was it the best plan?. If he was caught he would face the University panel, and he could get expelled. But Calvin made up his mind to push through with his plan.

He got to the venue of the try out and for the first time in his life, he was in the midst of only girls, he borrowed his mothers hockey kit, it fit him perfectly.

At first he was so nervous, he hadn't been in the midst of so many girls before, but he later got the hang of it. The tryout involved a total number of three drills, passing shooting and defending.

Calvin made the first list of recruited players for the new season, he was surprisingly so happy, he felt a little awkward but at the same time he enjoyed the whole experience.

Training for Calvin's new team was Scheduled for a week's time, he was buzzing to attend.

The D day finally came and he was ready, he packed his bags and made his way to the venue of the training.

He was just few minutes away from the college auditorium when he bumped into her, she was already wearing her uniform. She looked like an athletic angel, her skin looked smooth like snow.

He just had to talk to her.

" Hello, am Calvin" he said, "Am Geny" she replied looking surprised, "it's really nice to meet you" he stretched out his hands to shake her, she received it with a big smile on her face. " you are really pretty, and I couldn't help but talk to you" Calvin said forcefully.

Geny just stared at him with amazement and admiration in her eyes, she had never met someone so confident.



"Thank you, and it's really nice to meet you" she replied blushing.

They both exchanged contacts and Calvin took a separate route to where he was supposed to change into his uniform, when he was done he went to the pitch. their couch was a tough but friendly one he made them work out for 3 hours straight.

Coincidentally Calvin and Geny where both in the starting line up, they both played the same position. The drama was just about to get real.

A week after the game, Calvin and Geny went on a date, they both enjoyed each other's company. In a week they where already dating, love seemed to be an easy experience for both of them.


But there was a big problem, Calvin had to make a choice.

THE END................


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