A New Life


He sat that evening in the police cell with tears running down his eyes. It was now 2 weeks and 4 days since he was arrested and charged with murder in school. His academic activities had been halted indefinitely as his admission was under review by the school board. It all happened like a movie.

Josh was on his way back from school one Wednesday evening with his friend when they were stopped by police officers. They stopped their van right in front of them and a young man stepped out alongside the officers. He pointed fingers at Josh, directly accusing him of the murder of his friend the night before. Josh was so confused, he was speechless. Before he knew what was happening, he found himself in a dirty cell with aggressive cell mates. He was beaten everyday and asked to confess his sin, but he refused because he was innocent.

His parents upon hearing the case immediately traveled down to his school with the family lawyer. They tried their best using influence and connections to try and get their son out but it proved useless. Their sons case was severely handled by the government as it was a murder case. A week later after Josh's arrest he was transferred to a permanent detention center in the country's capital.

As all these events were coming to pass, Josh's life and thinking began to change. He was almost broken in prison when his breakthrough happened. He gave his life to God with the help of the prison's pastor who encouraged him never to give up in life. He gave him more reasons to live.

That evening he sat in his cell mumbling words to himself. He prayed to God in his mind to send a helper. He missed everyone in the outside world, especially his parents. He was only allowed to see them once a week. He looked up and saw a man standing just outside the cell. He looked so familiar, Josh could swear that he knew him from somewhere. He just stood there staring at the inmates, he had a sorry look on his face. It was at that moment that Josh recognized him. He was a celebrity, a very popular musician, and he had visited the prison to conduct his yearly prison intervention program. His name was Big man.

It seemed like Josh was possessed by a spirit because he himself didn't know when he stood up and started shouting. He yelled and cried, calling the name of the celebrity. "Big man help me, I am innocent" he yelled at the top of his voice. The officers around tried to shut him up but it didn't work. He yelled till he got the attention he was looking for. Intrigued by the confidence displayed by Josh. Big man approached him and asked him why he was there and with tears rolling down Josh's eyes he explained everything to Big man. When he was done, he was told to stay put and be calm, that everything would be taken care of.

With faith Josh slept that night peacefully, in fact he had sweet dreams where he saw himself living a new life outside prison. He pictured himself serious with his studies and life despite what had happened to him. The next morning he was transferred back to his state, where he was apologized to by the police force. It was a wrong accusation, they said, and the culprit had been caught. Josh and his family received a very large amount of money in compensation after all the court cases were over. He was invited by Big Man to host a concert in his school, where he gave his testimony and his journey to a new life.

The End..


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