Zara and Su had first met on a paintball pitch. They were paired together to face 4 other teams. They had great fun working together as their team won.

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Hey, congratulations on your win, Su said as he approached Zara.
Zara's response was so cold and obvious making Su go away although disappointed. His fiancee Lily had just left him for a more richer and older man. This was the trend around town as young girls would be seen following older men popularly called "sugar daddy". These men take care of all their bills and take them on series of vacations. Su was a victim of one of these call of men as he lost his wife -to-be. He was ready to forgive but she wasn't ready to give up the extravagant life she was experiencing. They had met through a mutual friend thereafter became a couple. He was so devastated and took a friend's advice to shake off his pain hence a visit to the paintball spot.
Zara on the other hand had just lost her best and childhood friend. They lived on the same street, attended the same schools and the rest is history.

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She had been fighting cancer for about 5 years and lost the battle to death 2 weeks ago. She was only 28. Her death brought pain to her family, friends and most importantly her best friend who had been with her all the step of the way.
Zara had gone for her shopping at the mall and was trying to check her bill at the front desk when she heard someone.
Hey, I'm Su remember me?
Zara didn't realize she was spoken to until she was tapped on the shoulder.
Well, she couldn't recall him until he mentioned the pitball.
Hey, she replied I'm sorry for the way I acted that day been going through a lot and I couldn't really handle all there ways. I'm Zara by the way".
I'm Su, could we maybe have a drink atleast for the last win, please don't say no, the gentleman asked politely. Well, the drink was worth every minute as the duo had great fun chit chatting whilst sharing experiences. They had a lot things in common and agreed to build a strong bond of friendship which they were both deliberate about. Zara accompanied her new friend Su to their company's end of the year party as his date although this didn't stop his female colleagues from making passes at him and he had given her heads-up in time.
It was time to have a dance and couples were given an opportunity to share the dance floor.

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Well Zara, wasn't a dancer and wasn't comfortable with this but Su had encouraged her to follow his lead. Holding him so closely melted her arms, she could only feel his heart beats which made her heart race. His perfume gradually settling in on her as she followed his movement. Her head resting on his shoulder, with eyes shut against the people all she could envision was her hero whom she couldn't bring herself to make the first move.
You are special, he said, bringing her out of her fantasy
'Every moment I share with you brings me to wanting more of you.
You activate my day and keep it lively
I love you Zara' he said as he leaned forward to kiss her.
Her heartbeat suddenly was louder than the music, her feet felt numb and it seemed the room was still, she was back in her fantasy mind and wanted to remain there but the cheering and clapping by his colleagues restored her mind. Dancing was over but the kiss replayed on her mind throughout the evening, Su had caused a blossom in her, he had awoken her resting emotions and she was ready to do this.

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