To Prom Night Party - Inkwell Prompt #93

Olivia woke up feeling happy and excited to do all the house chores as she was given permission to go to her school sophomore prom night with her crush, Daniel. Her parents had always wanted her to be happy and they let her do whatever she wanted but they had a bit of a long discussion before they allowed her.

Olivia had ordered for a gown she saw online and paid $200 upfront for it, she was so sure she would look the most beautiful at the prom party that night because her gown was one of a kind. As she waited for her order to arrive, Olivia got busy with the house work, played with her cats and chatted away with her favourite aunt who had come visiting some days ago.

Her aunt didn't get to talk about anything else to her niece aside the prom night and all her fun plans with Daniel. Olivia was so excited that the time went too slowly but her order finally came in. She happily took out her gown and tried it on, it fitted but a bit too tight. Olivia didn't see it as much of a bother so she began to prepare for the party.


Just as she was about leaving the house when Daniel came knocking, her gown began to rip apart...

Oh I was scammed, my prom night is ruined!
Olivia ran up to her room in tears

Her parents tried to console her and promised they will get her a perfect gown for her next prom but she refused to be consoled. Daniel got confused as he had planned to go to the party with Olivia. He was about to leave when Olivia's aunt asked him to stay for sometime.

Olivia couldn't stop crying in her room as she took off her ripped shinny gown, it kept ripping off and seem like there could not be a remedy for it. She heard a knock o her door and thought it was her mum.

Just leave me alone mum
I'm so pissed off right now, I'm calling those scammers to curse at them

Olivia said through her doors holding her phone.

How about you go for your prom night then we deal with them later tomorrow, what do you say?
Olivia heard her aunt from outside.

Even though she knew it was a ploy to make her open her room door, Olivia decided to fall for her aunt's words. Opening her door, Olivia saw a very beautiful gown that looked exactly her size and sparkling even more than the one she had ordered.

This is yours, it was supposed to be a surprise birthday gift next week but I'll let you have it now... Go have fun at the prom party my love
Olivia's aunt's words gave her an instant smile.


Wow my daughter looks so gorgeous in that gown!
Olivia's mum said as she walked into the room

Aunt, thanks so much for this... You definitely surprised me and I love the gown!!!
Olivia hugged her aunt happily.

The whole family couldn't help but noticed how cheerful Olivia became as she walked downstairs to meet Daniel who was still waiting for her aunt haha. He was astonished by Olivia's beauty for some minutes then walked close to her so they could walk together.

Hey Daniel, make sure to look after her while at the party, my eyes are on you guys okay?
Olivia's dad said jokingly which Daniel knew to be a serious joke.

The two went to the Prom party and Olivia won "The most beautiful prom gown" award which made her so happy and grateful to her aunt who saved her day at the last minute.


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