The Unfulfilled Curse || Inkwell Prompt #49

Congratulations to the royal highnesses!!!

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The King adviser announced to the whole kingdom present to hear the good news of the birth of their Prince. It was like the universe knew about his birth... the clouds got darker, the moon shone brighter than normal and the wind blew even stronger by every minute until the mid wife came out to give the news... It's a male child!!!

The whole Kingdom was full of jubilation and merriment, their king finally got a male child after his 18 years of reign. Everyone was happy, too happy that they didn't notice that the night was becoming longer and the moon light was shining even brighter. The King finally came out with his Prince looking ugly. The whole kingdom bowed down to hear the name of their Prince but didn't know how their Prince looked.

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While every head was down, it happened... What the king was afraid of and what he had caused for himself in the past... Lady Ann, the goddess of the moon came to his palace silently with her golden scepter looking happy even with her evil eyes.

I can see that you finally have the Prince we've all been waiting for. And I want to be sure that you've not forgotten what you did in the past that made your son to be given birth this way... You will name him Naveen.

By the light of the moon on his 24th birthday, if Naveen never disobeyed you to fall in love with a girl from the East, he shall become Handsome and be a Great King the kingdom will ever know. This is also like a trial for you as a King and he fails, the throne shall be taken away from you and your descendants and your son shall die.

I'm sure you know how much we hate the people from the East, we must not have anything to do with them no matter what... The goddess warned as she disappeared into thin air leaving the king in tears.

The King announced the Prince's name and the whole kingdom hailed in jubilation, there were a lot of foods and drinks and everyone was happy but the Royal house was in sadness about their son. The Queen knew about everything that had happened and would happen on that day so she comforted her king even in her tears.

Despite Naveen's ugly look, his parents didn't fail to show him all the love they could offer. He grew up in the palace and was forbidden to go out of the palace until his 24th birthday. The king knew how hard it would be for him to keep his son away from outside the palace but he decided to give it a shot.

Surprisingly, Naveen was so obedient and loving to his parents. He became a cheerful and funny boy who didn't know the world outside the four walls of the palace, he never lived as a Prince until his twentieth birthday. The king decided to teach him about the kingdom seeing that his son would be able to break the curse and would never even get the chance to fall in love with any girl until his 24th birthday.

Naveen became friends with the maids, the chefs and all the other workers in the palace since he couldn't go out of the palace. Every person in the palace loved Naveen regardless of his looks, they would laugh and play with him whenever and this gave his father so much joy.

Out of curiosity, Naveen followed the Chef outside the palace to get some food items from the royal warehouse. The Chef didn't know Naveen was behind and he went to a small village to get a rare herb before leaving for the warehouse.

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It was at the village that Naveen met Lila, a beautiful young girl who was not disgusted by Naveen's look even at first sight. They chatted for sometime and Naveen went back to the palace with the thoughts of going back to see his new found play mate. Naveen anticipated everyday so he could sneak out to see Lila and was never caught. Lila fell in love with Naveen and confessed her love to him when he finally came to see her after a long while. Naveen reciprocated the love and they had their first kiss by the light of the moon.

Their love continued to blossom without the knowledge of the king and Queen until it was three days to Naveen's 24th birthday. Naveen asked Lila to come to his birthday party so he could introduce her to his parents but Lila declined.

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I am from the East and my people are banished from coming close to your kingdom so I can't come for your birthday party... Lila said with a sad face.

But we love each other, we can make things change for our love. I am going to talk to my father about it, he will let you come... Naveen said with so much confidence.

Naveen raged with so much anger and pain when he heard the whole story from his father. He made a vow to end the enmity between the kingdom and people of the East. He also gave Lila the assurance that they would get married no matter what. The king fell on his knees to beg Naveen to stay away from Lila because he believed all the goddess said would come to pass. Naveen refused and left the palace to go stay at the East just a day to his 24th birthday.

It's either you let me marry Lila and I become your son again or you forget you have a son... Those were the last words the King remembered his son said to him.

The whole Kingdom was alarmed by what had happened and they all went to the palace protesting that the king take control of the situation but the king was confused as what he was most afraid of happened already... Naveen is in love with a girl from the East.

The goddess came to the palace by the light of the moon on the 24th birthday of Naveen and smiled at the King, she raised her scepter to the moon and chanted some words with happiness... The king fell on his knees awaiting his sentence since he failed to avert the curse.

Prince Naveen has become whole, he will be the greatest King of all times, the most handsome King there is and he has chosen the best Queen for himself... The goddess announced along with a loud noise from the dark clouds.

Everyone including the king was surprised by what she said and the goddess revealed a great news to them.

Lila isn't from the East, she was captured as a baby to the East and grew up with the people over there but she has a golden heart which is meant for only Prince Naveen and he found her out of the people of the East even with the curse on him... The goddess revealed.

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The whole kingdom was surprised to see Prince Naveen looking so handsome with Lila by his side and a big celebration was organized for their Great Prince. Prince Naveen got married to Lila, the king died a few years later and Naveen made a decree to bring together the people of East.

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