The Goddess Innocent Mistake

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She is a goddess whose wings are magic. Her beauty has no comparison, she is the most fairest of all the past goddess. She can make impossible possible with her wings as they were very powerful but she was alone in the forest. Her only companions were the animals who she talks to about her plans. The animals were like her advisers. She lived a peaceful life in the forest except when intruders try to make the forest uncomfortable for her.

She had the most beautiful heart but her wings were evil. They always tried to control her when ever she was being a good goddess. She sometimes loss control over her wings and she decided to find a way to have a full control over them. She got the wings from her evil mother who was the most evil goddess in her time. She wanted to make a difference as a goddess and she began a search to have full control over her wings.

Her journey to the land where she could find answers was less difficult because she was powerful. Finding the book with all the answers, she was happy for her dreams come true. But she couldn't open the book, her wings didn't let her. They over powered her and she fell to the ground. Just when she was about giving up, a bird whispered into her ears the answer she had been searching for. She stood up and ran as fast as she could as her wings couldn't fly anymore, they were getting weak. The goddess was getting close to a river, water was an enemy to the wings.

She jumped into the river and the wings disappeared. She came out of the water happy to be free of them but they appeared again but this time became more weak. The wings couldn't over power the her anymore. She had full control over her wings but if she had known that she would die soon, the wings were dying and she can't live without the wings.

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